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HammerHelm has had a string of updates, all based on player feedback!

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In the past few days I've released a bunch of updates to HammerHelm based on feedback from the community. The most notable update is today's, with a change to combat to make it more responsive, especially when blocking. In the old system, clicking block too early or trying to use the power attack (the one with the lightning effect) the block or attack wouldn't fire consistently. The new version accounts for this and allows the player to transition to a block *much* faster in addition to making sure the power-attack fires every time.


Some other notable updates in the past few days include:

  • Adjusted the lighting in the caves as for some players the light from lava was way too bright.
  • Increased the tree respawn timer to make having a Woodchopper more valuable (he makes the trees regrow faster).
  • Moved "rugs" as a craftable to the Tailor.
  • Added more Cursed Trees to the Cursed Tree quest just in case the townspeople chopped down all of the nearby trees.
  • Added some helpful tips to the in-game ESC menu.
  • Added positive mood buffs for NPCs for whom you have completed a Story Quest.
  • Reduced the cost of upgrading a wooden house to a stone house if your town has a Carpenter and a Stonemason.
  • A really big update to the terrain to make it more memory efficient.
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