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Against the Wall is a first-person puzzle-platformer set on the side of an infinite brick wall. You can play a free early version of it on the game's website.

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Against the Wall is currently in the alpha phase of development. As a result, the game is a bit rough in some spots, but it is a fun experience nonetheless. In this alpha demo, you start below a building containing a wind turbine and an elevator car. You posses a tool, a wand of sorts, that allows you to manipulate the Wall's bricks into ledges and boost yourself up to this building. Controls for the game are standard WASD first person controls, and the left mouse button fires the wand's power.

The main inspirations for the game are the Portal games, Minecraft, Myst, and Ico. In terms of genre, Against the Wall can best be described as a first-person puzzle-platformer. Your objective is to climb ever higher up the Wall until you reach your (now unspecified) destination. The alpha demo contains three areas for you to explore. The elevator station, a small village, and a forest. The final game will take the player through various other environments, such as castles, cities, and large buildings. As players progress through they game, they will be introduced to new game mechanics in the form of different brick types and environmental hazards.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign going on for Against the Wall. If you like the game, you can contribute to its development though the Kickstarter service.

You can play the alpha on my website, You can also leave feedback for it on the game's official forum.

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