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Now I'm going to present you my ideas of this mod. Oh, and I'll make this mod in two different languages: English and German (Because I come from Germany ;D )

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I wanted to tell you about my plans and the idea of this mod. First of all, this won't be an normal custom story. I don't use the normal function. This is how I make it: I'm copying the original files of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Then I will change the sounds, the music, and some other resources. The graphics and settings will also be modified. At the same time I'm thinking about an realistic story.


- New sounds, music, textures, entities (enemies etc.)
- Changing the settings (don't lose sanity in the darkness etc.)
- Completely new story
- Maybe new characters for an special intro
- (Of course) new maps
- Game play time of about 48 hours or more

We always look for new helping hands. If you've any suggestions please submit them by sending us a message or posting in the forum.

CloudExSolider - - 15 comments

I hope this mod turns out great! Taking amnesia and trying to make it your own with new maps, sounds, music, enemies, items, and story is very hard to do. Your goal to make the game play 48 hours is INSANE! But I love that fact that your insane lol. That's just over 10x more gameplay time then the normal game itself. If its well made, not over repetitive, and not just random crap thrown together, this will be a very popular mod.

I'm already excited and its not even alpha stage yet lol. If there is anything you need help with (testing, ideas, anything) let me know! :D

Hoping for the best!

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Xroph Author
Xroph - - 32 comments

Oh! Thank you so much! If you have ideas than I would be happy if you tell me :D You can send me a message or add me on skype if you want :D

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CheesyDeveloper - - 1,554 comments

It will most likely be a conversion and not a story if you are going to change the graphics and settings. Adding sounds is one thing, but changing sounds might also require a conversion.

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Xroph Author
Xroph - - 32 comments

Yeah, but It's a littlebit different. It won't be an full conversion, I create a new path where I add some of the old and my new resources. Everything I don't need will be deleted. (Old maps, sounds and so on) That's why it's not needed to install Justine. It's already installed :D

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