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It's not because I won't start modding now that I can't post the plan ; )

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Canada 3rd Infantry Division

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Gun group
desc:This group is a support/defensive group.It's a high mobile machine gun team who can rain death at ennemy and supress enemy vehicle.Like there rifleman comrades,they got good moral/accuracy and are a pain in the ass to get rid off without vehicles.

1xLance Corporal - Enfield rifle
1xPrivate - Bren
1xPrivate - Enfield rifle

Rifle group
desc:Standard infantry group of teh 3rd Infantry division.Good unit for infantry engagements but won't stand against any type of armored vehicle.Those man are almost shock troopers, have great moral, hard to supress and good accuracy.

1xCorporal - Sten
6xPrivate - Enfield rifle

HMG crew
desc:[The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa MG]Standard heavy machine gun crew using an US Browing mg.Not as effective at attacking like the rest of the division,they are great to set up retreat point or to block acess to a zone. Even with there armour percing rounds, they still can't really damage a tank.

3xPrivate - Enfield rifle

Infantry section
desc:This a full infantry section,composed of a rifle group and gun group.This full section have 10 mens to figth.Those section are well balanced in firepower but like the rest of the division, lack of any kind of AT support.

1xCorporal - Sten
1xLance Corporal - Enfield rifle
1xPrivate - Bren
7xPrivate - Enfield rifle

Universal Carrier
desc[The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal)]This carrier taken from the 7th Reconnaissance Regiment is usefull for fast recon or as a support platform for infantry.This ligth vehicle is very weak against anti-tank weapon.Keep them at distacne and they will be a great help for your infantry.

1xUniversal Carrier

So this is the actual plan for canadian infantry units.For the moments it's more an infantry division with no real support role.Good for offense but really lack defensive power, since they will have a little bit less health than other infantry, but in attack there little advance in accuracy and 25% more moral will make them hard to push back.

Why no infantry AT ?:
Well,my reasearch have tell me so far that the canadian infantry was issued the PIAT as a platoon weapon until 1944.I don't know when it was removed, but until any other kind of info, I'm not gonna give it to them.You will need to count on other divisions troops to keep the armor at distance,but... They migth be a chance canada get PIAT from a kind of upgrade because it was give to platoons when needed.

I would like to add more but it's kinda hard to find info for the realistic size of canadian units.So when I find them I add them. If you got any good source for the Normandy theater and would like to point them at me, post them in comment or give me an MP, I'll go give a check.

A little request:
If you can find me some regiement/battalion(in the 3rd Infantry) who got more equipment in a certain class (mortar,sniper,AT infantry,etc) I would like you to send me source so I could give so more type of units.

That's it for now.


Update:Added Canadian Infantry section, Universal Carrier and a "Why no infantry AT ?"
Update2:Little corection to Gun group and Infantry section loadout.

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Ask those modders - they now alot about the troop tables of that time, their mod also features a realistic loadout...

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ElectroEsper Author
ElectroEsper - - 136 comments

Thx gonna check that !

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