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Hello. Together with Tenebrae we are working on version 3.0 of WesGothic.I'm slowly reworking units balance.

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Hello. Together with Tenebrae we are working on version 3.0 of WesGothic.
I'm slowly reworking units balance. Kingdom of Myrtana will include following units for recruiting:

- Fire Novice. They will fight using staffs and fire arrows. Advance options are: Fire Mage.
- City Guard Fencer. Advance options are: Fencer (level 2), Halberdier and Royal Guard.
- City Guard Crossbowman. Advance options are: Crossbowman (level 2) and Commander.
- Paladin. They will have swords and holy arrows. Advance options are: Paladin (level 2) and Lord.
- Fire Mage. Advance options are: Fire Mage (level 2), Undead Hunter and Justice Guard. Fire Mages on higher levels will have Fire Rain, Holy Arrow and Destroy Undead spells.
- Nobleman/Noblewoman.
- Scout.

kom nobleman 1kom novice 0kom scout 1kom crossbowman 1kom fencer 1kom fire mage 1kom paladin 1

Version 3.0 will have the following damage types:
- blade
- impact
- pierce
- electric
- fire
- cold
- sacred
- cursed
- anti-undead

Every faction will have 7 units available to recruit in a castle + few additional units available for higher price in villages.

I plan to add following features:
- Trading in villages (Health potions, weapons, books which will be giving EXP)
- Praying in villages (You will can get Beliar's Claw or summon demon for example)
- Destroying & Rebuilding villages

May Innos be with you!

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