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This small article will navigate you through my ideas for this mod.

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What's up with weapons?

  • There are newer types!
  • They are more like in real life;
  • They should have a usefull secondary fire;
  • They may have been supporting camos or skins (if you're so want that);
  • They can even be customisable ! [don't actually know how to make that for now];

What's up with maps?

  • You can already try them out!
  • Because there's a lot of good work, and I, mostly in my opinion, only can sound good - it is community made maps.
  • Theese are remakes of original maps, because they are mostly balanced, some Valve slightly toched maps like weather change, ext. and alternative to Valves maps (Inferno - Outferno is the best example for now);

Other models changes, like Players?

  • Yea, there should be some retextures, or even model changes, but the far from me is downloading the one and the only from GB.
  • And I am kinda OK with the current ones, though the heavy armor should be edited.
  • More ideas comming soon;

Other stuff?

  • Yes! The one of the ideas was making casual and(maybe) competitive is more fun/tactical/smth else?
  • The Heavy armor will be buyable, some breach charges may find their use too! The shield can be a good protection, though as I know, you are able to break it.
  • The buymenu and/or map can be in tablet;

For now

  • Planning to change weapons, players, other stuff using MIGI tool from ZooL, the creator of Classic Offensive (u should check it out);
  • The maps for game will be in Workshop map Collection;
  • May be organise a dev team, if it will be worth it;

That's all for now, you decide!

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