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The second progress update for HLMW ep 2.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my second plans and info on HLMW ep2. First let's look at the maps. I haven't made a lot of new maps since i've mostly just been bugfixing the maps i already made.


Objective: Escape from the terrorists

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objective: Get briefed on your next mission

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Objective: steal enemy intel.

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20201205004202 1

20201221160307 1


Objective: Kill the sniper

20201205014939 1


Objective: call for emergency evac.

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Unnamed mission

Objective: locate the russian defector

Side objective: support the marine assault of the city

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Now for some changes.

- changed glock sound

- Stealth is now optional in "sneaky"

Now for some other news

I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE DEDICATED SERVERS IN HLMW! Join the HLMW discord server for updates on when i host the server.

I've been working on an official website for HLMW. There you can find exclusive information on maps, characters and other stuff. The website is not complete yet but if you wanna see it's beytah stage click here:

And finally for some misc info:

Join the HLMW discord server here:

Check out my youtube channel here:

Special thanks to cambreaKer for voice acting agent Slick.

Thanks to all my fans :D


Kool. Gotta try that server sometime!

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looks like some condition zero maps. good work!

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STAHP.exe Author


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