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Plans and info on what the mod will probably become.

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Hello everyone! I have good news because in the end i actually have a lot of time so the mod is NOT gonna be delayed. And now for some plans and info.

Gamemodes: singleplayer and multiplayer

Missions and levels:

City escape

Objective: Escape the corrupt city

bandicam 2020 08 18 15 25 11 653

20200818155739 1

20200817170350 1

20200818155648 1


Objective: Listen to Kyle's message

bandicam 2020 08 25 19 05 49 822

Crew Expendable

Objective: Defuse the bomb inside a russian cargo ship

20200714120039 1

20200808230909 1

20200808230856 1

20200808230848 1


Objective: Infiltrate the russian base in the mountains

bandicam 2020 07 18 13 58 43 740

Multiplayer maps


20200712201312 1


20200826181940 1

More maps are being developed

Now for the weapons

The mod will include the following weapons: Glock, Magnum Revolver, Desert Eagle, Combat Knife, Umbrella, Wrench, MP5SD, Remington Shotgun, G3SG1 Rifle, Stinger Missile Launcher, M40A1 Sniper Rifle and a Minigun. More or different weapons may appear in the final version of the mod.

The gun sounds can be seen here

Take note that the weapons in that video may not be the same as in the final version.

Now for the npc's


A reskin of the scientist

bandicam 2020 08 27 17 21 37 663

Captain price and the soldiers

reskins of the friendly marines

bandicam 2020 08 23 16 50 37 144

bandicam 2020 07 12 16 35 27 851


Reskin of the male assassin

bandicam 2020 08 28 23 54 49 006

S.W.A.T Officer

Reskin of barney

bandicam 2020 08 28 23 58 25 315

bandicam 2020 08 28 23 58 28 167

More npc's such as S.W.A.T Otis are being developed.

Now for some questions that you may have

Q: When is the mod gonna be released? A: Probably at the end of 2020 or the start of 2021

Q: How long will the mod be? A:It will probably take less then an hour to complete the campaign

Q: Will there be bots for the multiplayer? A: I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it didn't work.

Q: Will the mod be a full re-creation of Call of Duty 4? A: NO

Q: Is this canon to the Cod Mw universe? A: no

Q: Is Spec-Ops gonna be in the mod? A: Maybe...

Q: How many levels are there gonna be? A: 20-30 Levels

Q: Will the chernobyl mission be in the mod? A: maybe

You can ask me more questions in the comments.

BTW: Huge thanks to cambreaKer since he inspired me to do this and helped me out with the voice acting.

If you want to be my steam friend then send me a friend request. My username is peeterxxx2

and if you want to help out with the mod send me a private message.

You can watch the trailer for this mod here:

Thank you to all my fans.

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