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A list of the planets thatll be used in the new GC map

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This is a list of planets in the new GC.
Now i know that they all have a few missing. So all u need to do is suggest a planet, comment away. Now for more details check my accounts images, it has an image of the new GC layout.
Suggest away...

Start World - Tauri Earth
1) Chulak
2) Dakara
3) Abydos
4) Delmak
5) Anubis homeworld
6) Celestis
7) Erebus
8) Halla
9) Othalla
10) Orilla
11) Atlantis
12) Wraith Planet
13) Sodan
14) Alpha Site
15) Beta Site

Star Wars
Start Wrold - Coruscant
1) Alderaan
2) Corellia
3) Endor
4) Geonosis
5) Kamino
6) Kashyyk
7) Kuat
8) Mon Calimari
9) Naboo
10) Tatooine
11) Yavin
12) Hoth
13) Dantooine
14) Fondor
15) Ryloth

Star Trek
Start World - United Earth
1) Andoria
2) Benzar
3) Vulcan
4) Ceti Alpha
5) Teller Prime
6) Betazed
7) Janus VI
8) Qonas
9) Romulus
10) Dyntallix
11) Rura Penthe
12) Pacifica
13) PSI 2000
14) Borg
15) Ty'Gokor (Klingon Fleetyard)

Start World - Kobol
1) Caprica
2) Sagitaron
3) Picon
4) Aerilon
5) Aquaria
6) Virgon
7) Canceron
8) Gemenon
9) Tauron
10) Leonis
11) Libran
12) Scorpia
13) Tera Earth
14) Cylon Colony
15) Cylon Homeworld

Babylon 5
Start World -Minbar (Minbari Federation)
1) Earth (Earth Alliance)
2) Vorlon Homeworld (Vorlon Empire)
3) Za'Ha'Dum (Sadow homeplanet)
4) Narn (Narn Homeworld)
5) Centauri Prime (Centauri Republic)
6) Lumat (The Lumati)
7) Abba (The Abbai)
8) Brakos (The Brakiri)
9) Melat (The Pak'Ma'Ra)
10) Zhabar (The Drazi)
11) Sigma 957
12) Proxima (Earth Allliance)
13) Mars (Earth Alliance)
14) Coriana 6 (Site of MAJOR battle between shadows, vorlons, and everyone else - Season 4, Into the fire)
15) elipsion 3

Starship Troopers
Start World - Sanctuary
1) OM-1 (god bug planet)
2) Planet-P (bugs)
3) Luna Base (must be vey close to federal earth, fleet shipyard)
4) Federal Earth (fleet base)
5) Roku San (federation fleet base)
6) Tango Urilla (bug planet)
7) Zegema Beach (either)
8) Dantana (bugs)
9) Hotel Delta 1-8-5 (bugs)
10) Jokell (bug world)
11) Procellus (bug world)
12) Hesperus (first federation colony)
13) Rho Eridani (federal)
14) Cincinnati (federal)
15) Klendathu (bug homeworld)


Sanctuary would be one for Starship troopers, its Psicon HQ

Might want to add in Luna, its pretty much its own separate place in Starship troopers, as it has a shipyard and lots of colonies.

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Spinobreaker Author

yeh sanctuary is the homeworld/starting point and luna? bug or federal or neither?

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Oops missed the starting point, Luna is Earths moon so i would say Federal :D

Another few are:
Jokell (bug world)
Procellus (bug world)
Hesperus (first federation colony)
Rho Eridani (federal)
Cincinnati (federal)

most of those are military, i can provide more details about them if you want, just PM me

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Spinobreaker Author


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Nice list though I am surprised that Klendathu, the Bugs home planet, isn't there for SST. Unless it's under a different name or I missed it?

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For star wars mandalor [or however you spell it]

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Spinobreaker Author

well i need to add a consortium planet because im posibly adding them in the next one

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shouldnt you have elipsion 3 for b5 (the actule place where b5 was stationed) and or the b4 site as the planet on the way to the vortex thing at the center ( b4 stie has a destorion at it where they travel in time in one episode)

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Epsilon 3 is on there

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Spinobreaker Author

ok only 1 star trek and one star wars planet left to go. Can someone name another klingon planet? and the consortium homeworld... actually ill find that in the vanilla version

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i believe the consortium homeworld is Hypori.. but i could be Wron^

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And if you have any 'missings' on the stargate section, you could also put in more pegasus planets from SG atlantis that the teams went to... like the genii, new athos, they also had 3 secondary bases (alpha, beta and gamma site bases).

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For battlestar it should be Caprica due to the most important colony since it was the capital. just a suggestion.

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