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Short Stories of the USS Insignia
Season 1

-Captain: Cpt. Ieuan David Lloyd - Human
-First Officer: Commander Nathan Walters - Human
-Tactical/Security Officer: Lieutenant Commander Lucie Spicer - Betazoid
-Operations Officer: Lieutenant Cathy Radley - Trill
-Helmsman: Ensign Alix Mortimer - Human
-Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Jonathan Lloyd - Vulcan
-Chief Science Officer: Ensign Martin Fish - Human
-Astrometrics Officer: Lieutenant Commander Robert Ley - Bolean
-Stellar Cartography:
-Lieutenant Hayden Radley - Betazoid
-Ensign Kayleigh Bowen - Human
-Ensign Xenia Constantinou - Human
-Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Linda Lloyd - Vulcan
-Ambassador: Commander Shelagh Ley - Betazoid
-Counsellor: Ensign Natalie Nicolaou - Betazoid

Season 1
Episode 1: Romulans...
[Interior ship, holodeck 4, tennis tournament, Ieuan Vs Lucie]
Ieuan: You ready?
Lucie: I am, But are you?
Ieuan: You just wait till we start.
Lucie: I guess i have to.
[computer voice: Begin in: 3, 2, 1, Serve]
[Ieuan serves the ball, Lucie hits it back. The Ship rocks and Ieuan & Lucie fall over...]
Ieuan++: Ieuan to bridge, Report.
Nathan++: We're under attack, report to the bridge.
Ieuan++: On my Way
[Lucie and Ieuan make their way to the bridge, the ship rocking as they walk. they enter the turbolift]
Ieuan: Who do you think it is?
Lucie: No idea
[turbolift reaches the bridge]
Nathan: two Romulan warbirds off the port bow.
Ieuan: Hail them.
Cathy: No response.
Ieuan: Return fire, full phasers.
[exterior battle, phasers fire]
Lucie: Direct Hit!
Ieuan: Hail them again.
Cathy Still no response.
Ieuan: Bring us about
Alix: Aye, sir.
Ieuan: Target their weapons systyems, fire at will.
Lucie: Yes, sir.
[exterior battle, ship turns around and fires at the warbirds]
Lucie: Weapons systems on both Warbirds have been disabled.
Ieuan: Good
Cathy: Their cloaking.
Nathan: Fire phasers full spread, zero elevation. keep firing until you hit something.
[exterior battle, phasers sweep area, hit a cloaked warbird]
Lucie: Found one!
Ieuan: Torpedoes!
[torpedoes fire and hit the ship, its cloak is disabled]
Ieuan: Try hailing again.
Cathy: Their responding.
Ieuan: On screen.
[viewscreen activates]
Ieuan: Why have you fired on us?
Romulan: Why did you attack us?
Ieuan: We were defending ourselves.
Romulan: We have taken heavy casualties, your torpedoes did alot of damage.
Ieuan: You left me no choice.
Romulan: If you do not leave this system, we will resume firing as soon as possible.
Ieuan: Whats so special about this system?
Ieuan: I can't do that.
Romulan: Why not?
Ieuan: Because I am waiting for re-inforcements from starfleet to arrive.
Romulan: A fleet?
Ieuan: A science team, we detected an unusual energy signature in this system.
Romulan: Tell starfleet to cancel them.
Nathan: Why are you so adiment to keep us away from this system?
Romulan: The Romulan Star Empire, refuses to answer this question.
Ieuan: Why? Are you building some kind of weapon, new ship, what?
Ieuan: I beg to differ, you fired on us to make us leave this system, and our ship is vastly superior to any other starfleet vessel.
Romulan: I had no choice.
Ieuan: Why, because the secret of this system is for Romulan Sub-Commanders to die for?
Romulan: We do not want starfleet anywhere near our... outpost.
Ieuan: Now i KNOW that there is something secret, that the Romulans would die to protect.
Romulan: We have re-inforcements to, dont make me call them.
Ieuan: Why not? we disabled two of your ships...
Romulan: correction, you disabled one of our ships.
[ieuan becomes aggitated]
Ieuan: I am not leaving this system. END TRANSMITION!
[viewscreen de-activates]
Nathan: Begin scanning for anything that might be a cloaked ship.
Lucie: what should i do with the Romulan ship we allready have?
Ieuan: Tractor Beam.
Lucie: Aye.
Cathy: I have something, bearing 4365 mark 72
Ieuan: Fire at will.
[exterior battle, ship decloaks after being fired upon]
Ieuan: Hail them again.
[viewscreen activates]
Romulan: We see you'r point, but we still will not leave.
Ieuan: The science team has been called off.
Romulan: Then you must leave aswel.
Ieuan: No
Romulan: Why not?
Ieuan: We have the most sophisticated sensors in the fleet. we know what your up to, leave now, and we will not destroy you.
Romulan: as your starfleet comrades say: 'yes, sir'.
[romulan ships warp out]
Alix: How did you know?
Ieuan: I didnt.
Lucie: Tennis?
Ieuan: Oh yes...
Episode 2: Holo-Problems

[exterior ship, warp speed]
Nathan: Theres a class J nebula 2 lightyears off port, we should take a look.
Martin: Im not detecting anything significant about it, its just a class J nebula.
Ieuan: Take a look anway, Alix, alter our course.
Alix: Aye sir.
Ieuan++: Brige to Astrometrics
Robert++: Astrometrics here.
Ieuan++: Begin scans of the Class J nebula, 2 lightyears off port.
Robert++: Aye sir.
Ieuan: Lucie, lets get to engineering, we need to get to the warp core upgrades, now is a good enough time.
Lucie: Lets go.
[they enter turbolift]
Robert++: Astrometrics to Bridge.
Nathan++: Bridge here.
Robert++: Nothing special about the nebula, just a regular class J.
Nathan++: Good. Oh! and get down to Stellar Cartography, the guys there wanted to talk to you about something.
Jon: What can I do for you.
Ieuan: We we came about the warp core enhancements you said about.
Jon: Well, its not really an enhancement, more of a cenversion...
Lucie: Get to it.
Jon: Well, starfleet sent us the specs for it, its a conversion. to Transwarp.
Lucie: You have to be kidding me!
Jon: Nope, usually we would just go to mckinly station and have it done, but since were out her exploring the border between the alpha and gamma quadrents, we have to do it ourselves.
Ieuan: What do you need?
Jon: For now just a Holodeck simulation.
Ieuan: Can you wait until we finish 'exploring' this nebula.
Jon: Ye, no problem.
Lucie: While I'm here, have you sorted out the torpedo tube problem?
Jon: we're working on it, it just seems to be a faulty relay that needs to be replaced, we should have it finished by tomorrow.
Lucie: Good, i cant fire at will without torpedoes.
Ieuan: Lucie, go back to the bridge and tell Alix, about her engine upgrades. I'm going to Stellar Cartography.
Lucie: What for?
Ieuan: I just wanted to check on their progress.
Lucie: Right, well, im off to see the bridge, the wonderfull bridge of oz.
[ieuan laughs and walks out]
[Exterior ship, warp speed]
[stellar cartography]
Ieuan: Wheres Hayden?
Xenia: Holodeck 2, running his new Borg battle simulation.
Ieuan: Right... so anyway, hows it coming?
Kayleigh: Well, we've updated our star charts with all the new data we've gathered out here.
Xenia: Whats this rumor that we are actually out here to spy on the Dominion?
Ieuan: a Rumor.
Xenia: I thought so to.
Nathan++: Bridge to Captain Lloyd
Ieuan: Im here.
Nathan++: We're dropping out of warp.
Ieuan: Im on my way.
Kayleigh: We'll get going on mapping this nebula.
Ieuan: Good.
[borg drone walks along corridor in front of Hayden]
Hayden++: Hayden to Bridge.
Ieuan++: Bridge.
Hayden++: I just saw a Borg Drone wandering the corridor outside the Holodeck.
Hayden++: Im on my way to stellar carography.
Ieuan++ Get there.
Lucie: Security team to deck 8!
Cathy: The only readings im picking up from that deck are human, vulcan, and holographic.
Ieuan: Holographic?
Martin: The Holodeck.
Cathy: The Borg, its a Hologram.
Ieuan: What?
Cathy: Hayden w as running a borg program on the Holodeck.
Nathan: But how did it get into the corridor?
Martin: Something about the nebula has inverted the range of the holographic emitters on The Holodeck.
Ieuan: So there projecting into the corridor.
Cathy: as soon as it tries to leave that corridor it will vanish.
Ieuan: Set a course away from the nebula, maximum warp!
Alix: Aye.
[exterior, ship jumps to warp]
Cathy: The holo-grid just returned to normal.
Ieuan: Cancel red alert.
Nathan: That was close.
Ieuan: Tell me about it.
Episode 3: Dominion
[exterior, warp speed]
[briefing room]
Alix: Theres an asteroid belt, I've already corrected our course.
Ieuan: Good.
Lucie: The faulty torpedo launchers have been repaired.
Ieuan: Excelent.
Jon: Ive figured out a way to convert Photon Torpedoes, into tri-cobalt warheads.
Nathan: Great, we're going to need it here, so close to dominion territory.
Martin: The Transwarp drive is online.
Nathan: Nice.
Ieuan: Anything Else?
Cathy: No, sir.
Ieuan: Good, everyone get back to work.
[everyone leaves the briefing room]
[everyone goes about their business]
Ieuan: I have a bad feeling about today, i dont know why... its strange.
Nathan: Intuition?
Ieuan: Possibly.
Lucie: Oh no.
Ieuan: Told you. what is it?
Lucie: A Dominion warship on an intercept course.
Ieuan: Red Alert!
Nathan: All hands. Battle Stations!
Ieuan: Time to intercept?
Alix: Now.
Ieuan: On screen.
[viewscreen activates]
Martin: I have a bad feeling.
Ieuan: Your not the only one.
Nathan: Hail them
Cathy: No response.
Ieuan: Bring us about, ready the Tri-Cobalt warheads.
Lucie: Aye, sir.
[ship rocked by torpedo]
[exterior ship, phasers firing, torpedoes launching]
Cathy: Sickbay is being inundated with crewmen. Ventral Phasers are offline, and aft torpedoes are stalling. Hull breach on deck 17.
Ieuan: Damage Control teams!
Nathan: Come about, fire the ISO-Kinetic cannon!
Lucie: Aye.
[exterior battle, phasers still firing, torpedoes impacting shields, and ISO-kinetic cannon fires]
Lucie: Direct hit! their shields are offline, and their weapons are fried.
Ieuan: Get us out of here! TRANSWARP!
[ship jumps to transwarp]
Nathan: You're intuition is certainly accurate!
Ieuan: I only wish it hadn't...

Episode 4: The Delta Quadrent

[exterior ship, warp speed]
[interior ship, Lucie and Martin playing 'Velocity']
[Lucie fires phaser, disc swerves around the holodeck when it eventually hits martins leg]
Computer: Final round to Lucie. Winner, Lucie.
Martin: oh come on!?!
Lucie: Three games in a row.
Martin: I really wanted to be in the final.
Lucie: sorry, no loosers.
Martin: When we play the official match, im sure I won't do so badly.
Lucie: If that's what helps you sleep at night.
Martin: Well, I wonder how the other match will go?
Lucie: Ieuan and Alix are both good players, but my money is on Ieuan, he allways beats me at velocity.
Martin: Well, if Alix wins you'll have a better chance of winning the final.
Lucie: I suppose.
Martin: Look on the bright side, if you loose, at least the whole of the federation wont know this time.
[martin lets out a laugh]
Lucie: You evil person.
Nathan++ All senior officers report to the bridge.
Lucie: Well, our friendly game will have to wait.
Martin: What is it this time? more Dominion?
Lucie: I hope not.
[they walk out of the holodeck doors]
Ieuan: Where does it lead?
Nathan: The Delta Quadrent.
Ieuan: We couldn't have found this a few years ago when Voyager was ther could we?
Nathan: Evidently not.
Ieuan: Well, Alix. Take us in for a close look.
Alix: Aye, sir.
[martin and lucie step off the turbolift]
Martin: Whoa!
Lucie: Wormhole Alert.
Cathy: Definetly, a Delta Quadrent one aswel.
Lucie: It goes to the delta quadrent?
Alix: Yep.
[alarm beeps]
Lucie: Im picking up a dominion warship. bearing 201 mark 57.
Ieuan: Red Alert.
[ship rocks]
Lucie: Its a tractor beam, its pushing us into the wormhole.
Nathan: Compensate.
Alix: To late, were cought in the wormholes gravity.
Ieuan: Tri-Cobalt warheads.
[exterior ship, ship being pulled into wormhole while firing tri-cobalt warheads at the dominion]
Lucie: Three direct hits, their dead in the water.
Martin: Were goin' in!
Alix: Its no use.
Martin: We're going to the Delta Quadrent.
Cathy: I have a knife in my shoe.
Nathan: What?
Ieuan: And I know monkey majic.
Ieuan&Cathy: Hiy Ya!
Lucie: Seriously?
Ieuan: Sorry.
Alix: We're exiting the wormhole.
Lucie: Picking up ships.
Ieuan: ID?
Lucie: Non yet.
Martin: Tritanium signatures.
Nathan: Borg?
Lucie: Its possible.
Ieuan: Confirmation?
Lucie: Got it, 3 spheres and a cube.
Nathan: Power the ISO-Kinetic cannon.
Lucie: Aye
[channel opens]
Borg: We are the borg, lower your shields and surrender your ships, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.
Ieuan: Fire at will
[exterior, ship fires ISO-kinetic cannon along with a spread of photon torpedoes, and a phaser beam. borg fire back]
Nathan: Transwarp.
Alix: Course?
Alix: Yes, sir.
[ship jumps to transwarp]
[briefing room]
Ieuan: We're now in the Delta Quadrent
Lucie: We have a certain amount of data regarding this region. Gathered by Voyager.
Martin: We are headed for Earth, we will get there faster than Voyager, since we have transwarp drive.
Nathan: But it will still take a while.
Robert: How long?
Ieuan: up to 10 years.
Linda: What?!
Nathan: I know its a long time.
Linda: A long time? its an entire DECADE!
Ieuan: We know that.
Linda: I'll need a bigger sickbay.
Nathan: we'll sort something out.
Ieuan: So, brief your staff, ready your departments, and prepare. For the Delta Quadrent.
[ship travels at transwarp]
Episode 5: Telepaths?
[interior ship, lucie and ieuan walkin down corridor towards the holodeck]
Lucie: I can't beleive people thought we would cancel the final of the velocity tournament just because weve been thrown a few thousand light years.
Ieuan: They should know by now
[arrive at holodeck, doors open to a velocity pitch with a holographic audience along with a few members of the crew]
Ieuan: Wow, Jon did a good job with designing this place.
Lucie: I know.
Ieuan: Shall we?
Lucie: Indeed
[they take up positions, the disc appears. there is a sudden shaking of the ship]
Ieuan: Computer, pause program
[program freezes]
Ieuan: Ieuan to bridge, status?
Nathan: We were fired upon.
Ieuan: By who?
Nathan: Unknown, it offlined our visual sensors in the first blast
Ieuan: We're on our way.
[lucie and ieuan make their way to the bridge, entering a turbolift]
Cathy: Sensors just came back online.
Nathan: ID?
[turbolift opens]
Cathy: Im not sure, i dont recognise thae configuration
Lucie: I do.
Ieuan: Me to, its Devore.
Nathan: The Devore?
Ieuan: An authoritarian regiem, intolerant of outsiders, and telepaths.
Lucie: Erm... almost a quarter of the crew are telepathic, Betazoid, Vulcan.
Ieuan: I know.
Cathy: Their firing again.
Ieuan: Evasive maneuvers.
Alix: Evasive pattern theta 7
Nathan: Phasers.
Lucie: Aye.
[exterior, phaser intercepts the devore torpedo]
Cathy: They're hailing.
Ieuan: On screen.
[viewscreen activates]
Ieuan:Can we help you?
Devore: You are harbouring telepaths, your ship will be impounded.
Ieuan: I dont think so.
Devore: You are breaking the laws of the Devore imperium.
Ieuan: I am not giving you the telepaths, and im not letting you take my ship, so i suggest you continue on your way.
Devore: NO! our laws strictly forbid any exceptions!
Ieuan: Isnt that unfortunate. End Transmition!
[viewscreen de-activates]
[ship rocks]
Lucie: Theire firing disruptors.
[ship rocks again]
Ieuan: Phasers.
[phasers fire and hit the devore]
Lucie: No effect.
Nathan: Torpedoes.
[torpedoes fired, hit the devore ship, it spins out of control]
Lucie: 3 direct hits, their navigation is offline, but they still have weapons and are firing torpedoes.
Ieuan: Fiire phasers to intercept, and launch another volley of quantum torpedoes.
[phaser intercepts torpedo, torpedo volley hits the enemy ship]
Lucie: They're disabled.
Ieuan: Good.
Lucie: Velocity?
Ieuan: Oh yes.
Nathan: Mind if we watch?
Ieuan: Not at all.
[holodeck 1 hour later]
[ieuan hits the disk with his phaser, it goes towards lucie, she hits it with her phaser, goes towards ieuan, who hits it back towards lucie, whom it hits in the arm]
Computer: Final round to Ieuan. Winner: Ieuan
Lucie: Damn!
Ieuan: Its just a game lucie.
Lucie: Ye, but you allways win.
Ieuan: Well, you should play better shouldnt you?

Episode 6: Musical Mayhem

[exterior ship, music playing{muse-starlight},slowly fades to ieuan in his quarters]
[music still playing]
Ieuan: Far away from the memories...
[door opens]
Lucie: Of the people who care if I live or die
Ieuan: Computer, pause music.
[music stops]
Lucie: Classic song.
Ieuan: Yea, true aswel.
Lucie: Yea.
Ieuan: So what you got?
Lucie: We're about to enter a region of space where Voyager encountered the Vaadwaur.
Ieuan: And?
Lucie: We should be prepared.
Ieuan: I know, but the Vaadwaur are hardly liked in this part of space.
[music suddenly starts playing again, starlight by muse]
Lucie: Computer, de-activate music
Computer: Unknown command
Ieuan: Computer, pause music
Computer: Unknown command
Lucie: =/\= Lucie to engineering, the computer isnt recognising commands.
Jon: I know, the computer wont stop playing this music.
Ieuan: =/\= Its all over the ship?
Jon: Apparently.
Ieuan: =/\= Im on my way to the bridge
[bridge, music changes track, telephone]
Nathan: Cathy, is there an--
[music changes again, alejandro]
Nathan: Any way to st--
[music changes, queen dont stop me now]
Cathy: No
Alix: Its not so bad.
[music changes back to starlight, repeats 'far away...'-'...worth it anymore...']
Martin: Yes it is.
[turbolift opens]
[ieuan miming words]
Lucie: I love this song.
Nathan: Is it trying to tell us something?
Ieuan: Its repeating the same thing over and over again.
Lucie: The bit that has most relevance to us.
Ieuan: Im going to try something.
Lucie: Dont let me stop you.
Ieuan: Computer, Far Away from the memories.
Computer: Please re-phrase the command.
Ieuan: It was worth a try.
[music suddenly stops]
Lucie: Computer?
Computer: Online
Ieuan: Play my music list on the bridge only.
[music starts]
Ieuan: Computer, stop my music list.
[music stops]
Martin: Wierd.
Alix: Too wierd.
Ieuan: Why did it do that?
Lucie: Dont know
Nathan: Maybe the computer has been tampered with somehow.
[exterior ship, music playing, creedence clearwater revival, have you ever seen the rain?]

Episode 7: Stale Mate
[Linda and Jon walking down the corridor to sickbay]
Jon: I dont need to go to sickbay.
Linda: An EPS conduit overloaded and you were near it, you need to be checked out.
Jon: No i dont.
Linda: Yes you do.
Jon: Dont make me pull rank on you.
Linda: Im the chief medical officer, when it comes to medical sistuations, I rank higher than the captain.
Jon: Damn it.
[sickbay doors open]
Linda: Sit down while I get a hypospray.
Jon: Yes you do that.
Linda: Computer, activate level 5 force-field around bio-bed one.
Jon: Damn you!
Linda: I know you to well.
[linda gets hypospary, and goes back to the bed]
Linda: Computer, de-activte force-field
[force field drops]
Jon: Hurry up will you
Linda: Hang on.
[linda reaches for a medical tricorder and starts scanning]
Ieuan: =/\= Red Alert!
[alarms blare]
Jon: Got to go.
[jon runs out of sickbay]
Ieuan: Hail them
Cathy: No response
Lucie: Their powering weapons.
Ieuan: Phasers
[exterior, enemy ship fires a torpedo, phasers intercept]
Nathan: Wheres that ID?
Cathy: GOT IT! it's Vaadwaur
Ieuan: Vaadwaur?!? They survived?
Cathy: Apparently so.
Lucie: And upgraded their weapons.
Ieuan: Care to elaborate?
Lucie: Plasma Phasers, Graviton Torpedoes.
Cathy: There firing again.
Ieuan: Ph--
Lucie: Phasers, i know.
[Ieuan laughs]
[exterior, phasers fire, torpedoes intercepted]
Ieuan: If they fire again target their weapons.
Cathy: Their firing.
Lucie: Firing Photon Torpedoes.
[photons fired, one intercepts the Vaadwaur torpedo, the other 3 hit their ship.
Lucie: 3 direct hits, their weapons are at 20% capacity. they only have phasers left.
Ieuan: fire a single quantum to disable them, then go to Transwarp straight away.
Alix: Aye.
[exterior, quantum torpedo fires, hits vaadwaur ship and ship jumps to transwarp]
Ieuan: Well done people!
Lucie: I expect we'll be seeing more of them.
Alix: Probably.
Nathan: Well, were ready for them!
[exterior ship at transwarp]
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