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To make my self forgive by you guys for not being able to give more actual in-game updates,I've decide to give you the plan for the 352. Infanterie-Division from Germany.

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352. Infanterie-Division

Today's update is about the 352. Infanterie-Division infantry units.Keep in mind that everything is still work in progress and still can differ until the unit preview is out

Grenadier squad:
desc:Backbone of the 352. Infanterie-Division.Effective infantry capable to hold off a bit more than regular troops of the allies.Can use Panzerfaust 30 ability.

1xOberfeldwebel - MP40
1xGrenadier - MG42 LMG
7xGrenadier - Kar98k

Assault Fireteam:
desc:Cheap way to get efficient troops on the field capable of assaulting position with grenades and panzerfaust 30m.

1xOberfeldwebel - MP40
4xGrenadier - Kar98k

Support Fireteam:

desc:Efficient small team with great defensive and support capabilities.Work good with Assault Fireteam.Can trow grenade and use Panzerfaust 30m.

1xGrenadier - MG42 LMG
3xGrenadier - Kar98k

"Panzerschreck" Team
desc:A Panzerjager (Tank Hunter) team equip with a RPzB 43 "Panzerschreck".Can't enter building but deliver hell of a punch against ally tank.

1xGrenadier - MP40
1xGrenadier - RPzB 43 "Panzerschreck"

MG42 Machinegun Team:
desc:A heavy weapon team using the devastating Maschinengewehr 42 (MG-42).This death machine shoot at a rate of 1200RPM.

3xGrenadier - Pistol
2xGrenadier - Kar98k (Dismount when only survivors)

Mortar Team
desc:Great support weapon with great range.Good to soften sectors but it take time for the shot to arrive on position.

3xGrenadier - Pistol
2xGrenadier - Kar98k (Dismount when only survivors)

Crazy9Melon8 - - 945 comments

taht sign isnt that PEGASUS

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ElectroEsper Author
ElectroEsper - - 136 comments

Yes it is.If you want here a little something I've found about this symbol.

"In mythology, the Pegasus was sired by Poseidon and foaled by Medusa. Wherever the Pegasus' hoof struck the earth, an inspiring spring would burst forth. Bridges often represent strength.

The Division might have chosen this symbol to represent their primary responsibility - a strong defense of the beaches, and if an invasion did come, to pour forth an inspired and mighty assault.


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