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Just so you know what could be in at release and what I'm working on ; )

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Ok so this is what I've found so far about who was at D-Day landing.That's what should be in the first release for the Allies.


4th Infantry Division
1st Infantry Division
29th Infantry Division


50th Infantry Division
8th Armoured Brigade
3rd Infantry Division
27th Armoured Brigade


3rd Infantry Division


6th Airborne Division
82nd Airborne Division
101st Airborne Division

Remember,every division got his own Division HQ (or barracks if you prefer) to recruit some units.

The fact is that every division gonna use is own equipment and loadout,this mean some migth not have(this is an exemple) heavy machine gun,sniper,mortar or other stuff.

Like the actual 3rd Canadian Infantry Division who got no AT,sniper,mortar and only a Universal Carrier as vehicle support.

You will need to mix unit from different division for different task, so actually don't use Canadian for AT task, they not gonna come back for dinner ^^

And like always, if something seems not rigth to you (historacly) or I'm missing stuff, don't be afraid to tell me and put me in the rigth direction.

I'll post this plan as a refference for research and planning progress.


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