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In this post we we talk about the process we used to create our textures. Since our game is meant to be inspired in old games, we choose to use a more pixelized style.

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Hello, everyone, today we will show you some of our textures, how we made them, and how they feel in the game. As we said above, we are trying to use an old style of artistic aesthetic. Similar to games from early 2000' and late 90'. Before this phase our game did not resemble very much that style, allied to dark textures it was a blend of greys. It was not very interesting. This week we tackle that problem by using other techniques, and different textures.

In this video we show how we made the pixel effect in the textures, we only used the albedo map in the final material. We start by using the offset effect, to make sure the texture is tileable, then we apply a pixellization type mozaic to make that square aspect. If you want you can add blur, we choose not to use.

This is some of the textures we used in the level.

Thanks for reading this week's post, nest time we will show you how the level look with the final materials and props, don not miss it. See you

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