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How much more for the v1.0 release? Okay, here is the developmental roadmap of Praetorian Industries, and other news...

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Current Version: 0.6
v0.5 - Modules Created <<100% Complete>>
v0.6 - Turret Graphics / Weapon FX complete <<100% Complete>>
v0.7 - Ships coded in <<10% Complete>>
v0.8 - Missions Complete<>
v0.9 - Balance Modules / Weapons / Ships / Missions
v1.0 - Remove Unused files and RELEASE !

Praetors wrote: Right now, Praetorian Idustries is in v0.6, a more general progress percentage is around 40% of completion, do not freak out, the restant 60% is advacing pretty fast in my opinion, and is going to be accelerated cuz i will change my task to Hull Dmg/hulk making, accelerating the phase that has CptFox.
Right now Cen is coding the hulls that already passed throught the hands of CptFox.
After finishing all the hull graphic making the hull coding will be more intensive cuz we will be making codes and surely upgrading/fixing the older ones, cuz i'm pretty sure that we will find some errors here and there. And I have the offer of help by darkstar for hull coding, going to be useful for this point.
After Finishing the hull coding, the mod should be ready for Alpha testing, here is were the competition winners starts their job (if they want) they will test the mod at the same time than the team, with the objetive of Module Balancing, surely that will be a hard part for me.

Sooo, i'm thinking that we have around 2 moths more after completion, hopefully 1 month.

Praetorian Industries has something similar to a modding team, at the moment there are 4 persons working on the mod:

Darkstar: Turrent/Weapons Graphics Designer.
CptFox: Maker of Damage and Hulk Texture versions of the designs.
Cen2050: Hull Coder.
Me: Module Coder, Sound effects and Visual Fx maker.

I strongly suggest to check daily the main page of the mod here:
That post is updated every day with news, pictures and progress reports.

See you later Moddb people ^^

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