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The first phases of tests to be conducted on currently implemented features. This part of Test Phase 1 will be for Ship Control.

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Phase 1 Testing - Ships
What needs to be done?

  • Scripting Needs to be done for basic controls.
  • Platoon transportation needs to be complete.
  • Implementation of God AI for use with ships.

Community Involvement:

  • Extensive testing of the feature
  • Report bugs or odd actions
  • Comment, suggest and input

Other things to happen during Testing Phase 1:

  • OGaM Team to start receiving pre-event duties for upcoming test phases
  • Documentation on the changes, bugs etc for other features

Questions & Comments:

  • Post in this thread.
  • Lodge a comment in the relevant board at the OGaM Forums.

When does Phase 1 start?
Note: OGaM Team will receive duties in a new private forum I will add to the OGaM Forums soon.
Note2: If you are part of the OGaM Team and haven't registered at OGaM Forums or Mobbd website, please do so. I'll be sure to give you moderation priviledges.


good to see that there is a new update

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Theres alot of new features here... this isn't a mod, this is Black & White 3 XD

Moar creatures plz?

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Nahh, focus on the God ai :)

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