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Alpha 5 features mostly important non-fun changes. A new installer should help streamline new releases and error logging should allow me to track down bugs easier. A few small gameplay changes in this version, but nothing major.

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Alpha 5 (v1.0.5095) of PewPew has been released! This release mostly focuses on important non-fun stuff. Please note that if you have an older version of PewPew installed, you should uninstall it before installing this new version.

The biggest change in this version is the new installer. There was several niggling annoyances with my old system of creating a setup/installer, but the main pain point was whenever I added new content files to the game. I had to manually add the files to the setup and any missed files would cause the game to crash. This was very prone to error and could take me as much as a couple of hours. The new installer allows me to automatically create a one file executable in less than 1 minute without worry that any new content files may have been missed.

In gameplay terms there isn't a lot of new additions. There's now a jump point animation after jumping to a new star systems, the Plasma Cannon and Vulcan Chaingun heat signatures have been tweaked, and inertial dampeners can now be toggled on/off by pressing D.

Another important notice is that if the game crashes it should now write an error log with details about the crash. This should allow me to track down bugs that cause crashes much easier. If you experience any crashes, please send me a message through IndieDB with a short description of what you were doing as well as a copy/paste of the error log.

Any and all feedback is welcome!

Alpha 5 for Windows
PewPew Alpha 5


PewPew Alpha 5PewPew Alpha 5PewPew Alpha 5

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