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Perisno version 1.3 View Changelog below. As always a new save is required.

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Perisno 1.3 (2-22-2021)

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  • [Added] New Religion
  • [Added] Lymbard Assets
  • [Added] Maccavian Assets
  • [Added] Sayeda Alexis has her own HHG
  • [Added] Intimidation dialogue for kidnapped girl
  • [Added] Nisaynian’s Legacy gets sharper over time
  • [Added] Azure Keep and Aolas Castle now sells basic goods
  • [Added] You can now change tax rates for all of your fiefs at once
  • [Added] Legendary Weapon - Axe of the Forbidden Sea, Weeping Moon
  • [Added] Mercenary Guilds now spawn mercenary parties that will patrol around the town
  • [Added] The player can now participate in caravan trading, speaking with the tavernkeep
  • [Added] Krysanna now has a short questline to reward the player for reaching max relations with her
  • [Added] Steal option for Jailer to skip the pre-fight when breaking people out of prison (requires agility)
  • [Added] You can now recruit minor factions into your party as long as you have enough relations with them (varies)
  • [Added] When asking a lord’s wife to buy gifts, you can now choose to buy enough relations to set yourself back to 0 relations
  • [Added] You can now mass release prisoners by manually speaking to them instead of releasing them one by one for relations boosts. This is only half as effective

  • [Fixed] Liana is no longer related to you
  • [Fixed] Scene oddities in Qaletaqa, Qaletaqa villages, Forniron, Krain, Forniron, Azure Keep, Hafen Castle, Ianthas Castle, Desert Outpost, Arish, Galwe Library, Hornogoth Keep, Tumatarhun

  • [Adjusted] Sieges are no longer indefinite
  • [Adjusted] You can sprint everywhere now!
  • [Adjusted] Kaiyrithe has a dedicated facegen
  • [Adjusted] Year has changed to 395 to fit the lore
  • [Adjusted] Krysanna’s HHG have more expensive upkeeps
  • [Adjusted] Nox Of Zephilli should now act according to lore
  • [Adjusted] Grazir Pilgrims can be upgraded into Worshippers
  • [Adjusted] Grazir Priests can no longer upgrade into Invokers
  • [Adjusted] Elintor, Geldar and Realm of the Falcon are now the proper race according to lore (Naphali)
  • [Adjusted] Krysanna and her Shadestalkers are now wearing new, identical outfits
  • [Adjusted] Speaking with minor factions that you are friendly with will change their dialogue to a more friendly one
  • [Adjusted] Krysanna and Kaiyrithe are now sisters in-game, with Berlaeduil being the caretaker of Kaiyrithe. This is to remain canon to their lore

Pledges and donations will provide funds to help the mod grow even further. The current goal is to revamp most factions with unique armor. Unfortunately experienced modelers aren't cheap and thus would have to be hired to commission custom items.
If we earn enough, we can add Perisno faction specific items and create an even more immersive experience.



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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


How exactly do you access Krysanna's quest? I just got 92 relations with her and we are married. Do we need to not be married, be in the same faction? For now I either don't see the dialogue option (which I assume it is) or know how to make it available.

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