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Version 0.5 is announced. No release date is set yet, but it is not going to be too soon because we would like to get some major changes in. Change-log Will be updated as soon as things happen so stay toned!

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- Reich Des Drache now has a dragon banner to reflect their culture/lore
- Village Raids & Sieges-Allow Player Party Actions
- [Added] Volheere as a minor faction
- Created first household troop
- Cattle now follow player when driven onward
- Reworked Manhunter Troop Tree
- [Added] Female Mercenary Archers upgrade line
- Modified Mercenary Crossbowman upgrade line
- Village Elders, Armor Merchants, Tavern keepers, Goods Merchants, Horse Merchants now have names
- [Added] All items can now be viewed in reports menu
- [Added] Gambling System
- New & Improved Deathcam
- All Towns names changed
- Greatly Improved Battle AI
- Color Coded Messages
- 16 New Companions
- Modified prisoner skill
- [Added] Reich des Drache Troop Tree (4/7 complete)
- [Fixed] A few helmets without faces, and some with beards showing through
- [Added] More horses, armor, weapons, and goods
- [Added] Trade Ledger
- [Added] More Roaming Parties/Minor Factions
- Kings & Lords Renamed and Buffed
- Villages Renamed
- [FIXED] Deathcam not allowing you to end the battle properly when knocked out before winning.
- [FIXED] Double "Tell me your story" dialog when talking to companions in your party
- New Lords/ Leaders
- Civilian dress and behavior redone
- [Added] Maccavia Troop Tree (5/7 complete)
- Added kingdom specific War Parties lead by unique NPCs
- Added more NPC spawns
- Item cleanup. Tons of items are messed up due to the large importation.
- Better bandit. No more native bandits. You'll find all new outlaws to be original, in the Perisno world.


Can't wait :D

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Michadr Author

Release Date is set for sometimes on September 16-20

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Good to hear, loving the mod so far

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Are you going to put the earrings in from native, or no?

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Michadr Author

Maybe, maybe not, if time permits :)

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