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The Half-Counter Dev Team is seeking people to help the project

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Hello there,

Half-Counter has received a big update. Porting REBIRTH into a fresh SDK was a bad idea, it just a wasting of time. Half-Counter is directly using REBIRTH's engine updates, and I removed some useless stuff (like those XP Points). But this doesn't means that the Programming part is over. I need to keep removing useless stuff, add some new and cool stuff (like Rainbows from ARRANGEMENT). I also need to recode all the weapons to my own needs.

Half-Counter is a big project and it require people to see the life to public, by joining the Half-Counter Dev Team, you :

- Show your experience

- Contribute to the mod
- Gain/Practice experience
- And more…

Please note that I won’t give you any $ € £ or whatever, as a thanks, I will put your name in the credits.

Conditions for all positions :

- Understand English
- Serious, motivated
- Have a communication system (MSN or Steam)

Available positions :

Weapon Modeler (In the team : 0 | Wanted : 2)

As a Weapon Modeler, you will have to modelate in 3D the weapons of the game and texture them in high quality.

- Experience with your 3D Modeling Software (3D Studio Max, Milkshape).
- Experience with your 2D Texture Making Tools (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, Paint).
- Can modelate weapons.
- Can texture the weapons.
- Can UV Mapping to apply the textures for the weapons.
- Acknowledge in GoldSrc Modeling (MDL format, QC file, Model Compiling...).

Weapon Animator (In the team : 0 | Wanted : 1)

As a Weapon Animator, you will have to animate realisticly the weapons by the Weapons Modelers.

- Experience with your 3D Modeling Software (3D Studio Max, Milkshape).
- Can make all animations (shoot, reload…) for weapons.
- Acknowledge in GoldSrc Modeling and Animating (MDL format, QC file, Model Compiling, Sequences, Bones...).

How to apply

If you want to apply, please send a Private Message on ModDB with :

- Your pseudo.
- Your country.
- Your age*.
- Why would you like to apply ?
- What would you apply for ? (Weapon Animator, Weapon Modeler...)
- Showcase of your skills**
- How can I communicate with you ? (MSN Adress, Steam ID...)
- If you have worked for previous projects (even cancelled, released, paused or actually) specify their names and links.

* = Even if you are old, or a kid, you are allowed to join the Half-Counter Dev Team.
** = This means images of your previous work or some random stuff that shows your skills.

[Project Leader - Game Programmer - Lead Level Designer - QA Tester - Public Relations]


I'd love to help but i never mod the Goldsource engine...and i dont know how to model. I'm a mapper

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shepard62fr Author

There will be others positions such as Voice Acting, Sound Editing, Map Artist and more, but that will come in the future.

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