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Update on the progress in Penkura project and video alpha presentation.

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Hey everyone!

It's time for another update on Penkura project.

In the last two weeks, we were focusing on improving GUI on all game systems, adding new zones to our main level, fixing major bugs in our RTS system which we will talk about on our next update, AI and importing last necessary for early release models.

It's very important for us that player will be able to interact with a living breathing world. Not only vegetation but also animals and bugs.

For example, Odo is one of such animals seen in the video presentation. Odo is a very specific creature, as it is a predator-like bird that hunts in pack, yet if not able to do the first move it will run away in fear.

Or bots that are one of the most important parts of the game. Bots by them self are your companions that can carry your items, your guardians that protect your base from dangerous creatures, but most of all, bots can be take over from the CCC (Command Controle Communicate) for exploration purposes, as most of the areas especially underground are very dangerous for the player.

All of the AI in the game is not yet finished and won't be created to its fullest potential even after the first release, we will still work on it while creating one of the main parts of the project which currently blocks most of the "special" features. (Because that feature is still too early in the production we rather not say anything about it till we will be sure it will be implemented).

Nearly all system are ready for the early release on Steam. Right now we are focusing on finishing touches and bug fixes to make sure that the main systems of the game will be as bug-free and smooth in performance wise as possible.

Until that day, we will keep updating you on our progress and for now, we are showcasing Penkura in the video presentation. The entire video was done by a simple camera fly-by directly in our project.

(Penkura Alpha Version 1.131.8)

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