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will be posting a new 4.2 version of the mod by this upcoming weekend. This version of the mod has been almost exclusively dedicated to making it work better on more recent versions of Windows (7,8,10, etc). the mod was created originally for XP. there were thousands of units and regiments that needed fixing. Although the mod works much better on Win 10 - it still crashes far more often than it does in XP. I can play this mod for literally hours on XP without the game crashing.

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in addition to correcting thousands of unit and building skins I've updated some regiments and units.

although I had planned to not add any new material (buildings, generals, regiments, units, etc) to this upload there IS new content.

when I looked at how I would like to update certain SP Campaign maps there were some generals I wanted to include that were not in the existing game. I've included some of the worst commanders of the war, many of whom are more famous for getting defeated over and over again. the reason for this is to make possible SP campaigns somewhat more historical.

most of the new generals are for Nationalist China, Imperial Japan, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. the original game strongly favored the European and North African theater so many of these commanders were overlooked.

although I will not be including playable SP Campaigns for this upload I have already started working on a replacement version. I've been correcting and changing the original maps to reflect new game features, generals, and enhancing the restrictions to balance out game-play. some of the original maps are nearly impossible to win with the significantly longer attack ranges for cruisers and battleships.

I don't believe I have a complete update of the 'nerfed' artillery units and battleships. that part of the mod will still be included. what I've done is included a series of range handicaps that can be used when creating new maps. I've been happy with how the new battleships and artillery work in the WW2 randomly generated maps - so I didn't feel the need to change them. but for the original SP campaign missions they're so overpowered that I had to do something.

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the regiment shown in the picture is a new feature. the regiment is only available by a special operation summons for Rashid Ali al-Gaylani.

it would get mauled badly in direct combat with other comparable regiments from major nations. however, if you save them for a late game push with an artillery barrage and some supporting infantry units it can be pretty handy.

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