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If you want to know the time you need to kill every single enemy (and your health).

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Well, you need to know i was thinking about this the time i was not in the modelling, programating or sleeping.

Player (Playable character) statics:
For the default, the player has 100 hit points and 150 kevlar points (because the marine kevlar vest, when it broke, you can pick up new kevlar, like police one or SWAT one.) I added statics (you can pass ''levels'' and add points like endurance, strength, intelligence, and skillpoints to blades, blunt, pistols, automatics, long guns, specials, smarts, picklocking, etc.)
The damage that do the player is variable for the weapon an the skill the player has of it.
All humans: 100 HP / Police and marines: 100 KP. Dmg: variable.
Zombies: 120 HP / Police and marine zombies: 40 KP. Dmg: 10-12
Fat Zombies: 150 Hp, no KP. Dmg 10-15
Little brute: 200 HP, no KP. Dmg 20-23 (explosion 10)
Irradiating zombie: 140 HP, no KP. Dmg: 10-12 (vomit: 5)
Bone: 350 HP, 50 Bone Points. Dmg: 30-34
Reaper: 250 HP, no KP. Dmg: 50-55
Leaper: 120 HP, no KP. Dmg: infinite (danger)
Big brute: 500 HP, no KP. Dmg: 40
Mom: 600 HP, no KP. Dmg: 50-55
Titan: 1200 HP, 200 BP. Dmg: 60
Black titan: 4600 HP, 200 BP. Dmg: 70
Worm: 4000 HP, 400 BP. Dmg: 75

I cannot do it more larger because they are kicking me out of the computer. See you later!

The Qwasr

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