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This is a comprehensive list of the patch notes from 0.6.0 through to 0.8.2 and the first changes to 0.8.3 now featuring the Re-Scaled Trandoshans by Schizo.

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Notes by module or planet / area

262TEL - Secret Academy

Removed Holographic Planet ( Seemed out of place, wasn't there originally )

305NAR - Jekk Jekk Tunnels

Added missing door in the Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels

801DRO - Landing Arm

Extra Door to block darkness behind entrance

802DRO - Central Zone

Door Health Corrected

Black Market Voice Removed - Causes Crash

803DRO - Environment Control Zone

2 floating mines removed

804DRO - Industry Control Zone

New Doors Added

805DRO - Main Behavior Core

Entrance Waypoint in line with the door

806DRO - Archon I Behavior Core

Entrance Waypoint in line with the door

807DRO - Archon II Behavior Core

now links to 812DRO

808DRO - Central Zone [RADIATED]

Door Health Corrected

Black Market Droid Voice Removed - Causes Crash

812DRO - Industry Control Zone

Made from 810DRO & 811DRO

805,806 and 807 entrance lined up with doors.

812 fixed to open archon door with 811's on enter script

both scripts 810 & 811 on enter combined, rebuild and update

rapid transit system fixed to use 812 instead of 810


Door Positions were slightly offset, fixed


Positions of various computer panels and NPCs


Removed entries outside of the mapDialog File - Yavin Description Updated

Edited maps for m478 to match the blue / green of the main games for doors and transitions

809DRO - Fixed IS-02 Mission ( After rebuilding the droid could be encountered repeatedly )
- Restored Recharging Bay 2 ( Camera View )
- Northernmost Door Updated Co-ordinates to keep it in line with the scenery.

M4-78 Fog Fixes included by TimurD2003

305NAR - Jekk Jekk Tunnels ( Visibility fix for 305nar_56 to see 305nar_63 )

351NAR - Goto's Yacht ( Visibility for 351narj added to 351narl )
( Visibility for 351narg added to 351narb )

602DAN - visibility file fixes for 602dan for three different positions

( 602danb added to visibility list for 602dane )

( 602dang added to visibility for 602dane and 602dand )

804DRO - Spawn Location from 812DRO adjusted so the camera isn't out of bounds (door across map was invisible on spawn)

tat_m17aa - HK-50 Group Attack ( uses same dialog as 502OND, set off by trigger )

tat_m17ab - removed placeables and characters to start laying out a new tatooine

man_m26ad - HK-50 Group Attack ( Same Dialog, set off by opening hanger door )

kas_m22aa - trialing Revan DS/LS/M/F checks by spawning Wookie or Czerka Guard at Landing Pad

kas_m22ab - HK-50 Group Attack ( Same Dialog, set off by trigger )

HK-47 now gets added back to the party after battle with the HK-50 groups

HK Factory Quest Advances Properly Using Groups on Tatooine, Manaan & Kashyyk

506OND - Conflicting Script needs removing manually by the user, all three scripts from "end_" folder just to be safe
I will package these within 904MAL for future use.

904MAL - Packaged with the three scripts that caused conflict with the Royal Palace on Onderon

Dantooine Grove from K1 Added along with crystal caves, sandral grounds and the sandral estate.

kas_m22ab - Kashyyk Missing Texture Added

299tel - Deactivated HK-50 Droids Lined up with each other

610dan - Visibility file 03,04,05 & 06 see each other respectively

601dan - Rodian can take the player to Dantooine Grove area

dan_m14ac - Rodian can take the player back to Khoonda
dan_m16aa - doors all unlocked
- loading screens and minimaps added
- transitions all fixed

- Rodian / to 601DAN Dialog Skippable
- Rodian Facing East? -1.5
- music updated to match 601dan
- music updated to match 604dan
- music updated to match 602dan
- missing texture added
- All four turrets lined up with each other ( X Co-ordinates )
- Rodian / to Grove Dialog Skippable

After Ending
- Kashyyyk Blank Levels Added
- Manaan Blank Levels Added
- Tatooine Blank Levels Added
- Coruscant Blank Levels Added
- M4-78 Blank Levels Added
- Korriban Blank Levels Added
- Telos Blank Levels Added
- Nar Shaddaa Blank Levels Added
- Dantooine Blank Levels Added
- Dxun Blank Levels Added
- Temporary / Duplicate Loading Screens Created for all END levels
- Telos Restoration Zones, Dxun Temple Zones and Dantooine Grove Zones Removed & Set Aside For Later Use

All END levels changed to add just an E at the end due to module name restrictions for loading screen file names

the character limit for modules is 10 if you want to include a loading screen

All end game levels traversable after completing the game ( empty at the moment )

Kashyyk Typo in Dialog File Fixed

- Kashyyyk no longer appears as it replaces Peragus_Tutorial but the galaxy map works as intended after completing the tutorial.
- Added the ability to manually travel to Malachor V after talking to Carth
- Sleheyron added and docking platform walkmesh fixed
- Lehon added
- Restored partial original functionality
- These empty zones are included again
- Before & After ending maps modified to have correct text on doors.

- Exit to the Ebon Hawk Text Updated
- Extra Planet Slot added, temporary housing is an empty yavin duplicate.
Galaxy Map
- now removes Malachor V after game completion.
End Game
- end game levels updated to match normal in game levels

Galaxy Map
- return destinations fixed for Sleheyron & Lehon
- made sure that Telos is set to the active planet after leaving the Telos Polar Academy
- telos is also set to the active planet after finishing the game // removed & left to malachor
- "LEAVING_POLAR" Boolean added and used for finishing malachor and leaving the academy
- used to check if you have left the academy or finished the game, it then sets the active planet to Telos
- it then sets the Boolean to FALSE

- dantooine grove added to end game levels
- transitions fixed for end game levels
- blank journal entry added for mysterious box
- blank journal entry added
Galaxy Map
- extra planet enabled along with the rest of the planets after escaping telos
- after peragus galaxy map travels directly to telos instead of opening the galaxy map

galaxy map
- lehon and extra planet now exit properly
- loading screens ( placeholders )

- entering no longer causes the Nihilus cutscene unless it is before Ravager
- exiting no longer jumps to 006ebo if the player has finished the Ravager
Galaxy Map
- hyperspace transitions for the ebon hawk no longer exit to previous destination
- party select screen still shows after leaving telos polar academy but goes nowhere

alternate galaxy map
- Korriban & Dantooine have been moved to a more similar position to how they are in the first game
- this is optional I know some people opt for the canon galaxy map positions
galaxy map
- after peragus checking the galaxy map triggers your arrival to Telos
- models reconverted using mdlops
- some models still missing m30aa / m31aa

- updated mini maps from m478
galaxy map
- fixed being able to leave the ebon hawk in hyperspace
- added hyperspace movies to play at specific times ( after peragus, after telos, after ravager, after game )
- added a dialog option to refuse Carth an audience after the ravager
- fixes being able to leave during hyperspace after leaving the academy
- stopped the cut-scene before Malachor from looping every time the player enters the ebon hawk

- fixed the maps and corrected the doors
- some parts of the map are still broken and the skybox is missing

- HK-50 droids lined up as well as the HK-51s
Planetary 2DA
- Malachor Planet Model Changed to the correct model
- new planet model added for Lehon the Unknown World
- new planet icon added for Lehon
Global Journal
- Quest Title and Text added for Mystery Box Quest
- Dialog added to the galaxy map for travelling to Peragus and the ability to exit the dialog at the end of the Tutorial
Galaxy Map
- Entering Telos for the first time no longer starts paused

Galaxy Map
- New Sleheyron planet Icon
- Kexikus Planet Texture and Icon included
Force Speed Blur
- Force Speed Blur fixed for Yavin Orbital Station
- Peragus added back to the Galaxy Map replacing the Extra Planet Slot
- Galaxy Map now shows after Peragus and allows travel to Telos
- Galaxy Map not present in Tutorial
Malachor V
- Now Inaccessible but remains on the galaxy map the same as Peragus after completing the game

Malachor V
- Sideways Door Included thanks to VarsityPuppet
Extended Carth Meeting
- Dialog and changes by danil-ch included
Extended Jedi Council
- Extended Jedi Council Meeting by Kexikus included to pave way for the bonus quests on the new planets.
- Character Files and Script from Extended Jedi Council Meeting added to the module
- HK-50 Encounter added to Coruscant Landing Platform
- Mercenary at Czerka Site to prevent AI entering combat again after the second encounter
Dialog File - 261TEL
- 117987 Typo Fixed "Field Assessment: I have picked up the heat forms of the Jedi and his allies."
- changes to "I have picked up on the heat forms" in line with the actual dialog.
- Original File Restored temporarily
- Droid Shop added.
- Streets filled with Gammorreans

- all "Telos" Planet entries modified to "Telos : Citadel Station" instead of "Lehon"
- all "Peragus" entries PlanetID updated from 8 to 5
- "Ebon Hawk" planet ID removed from Quest's due to PlanetID 2 now being MalachorV
- Malachor V changed from PlanetID 5 to 2 which was the Ebon Hawks Planet ID
- Quest entry for Telos Spice Smuggling added
- Spawn Position changed to the Elevator on the Ebon Hawk
- Ebon Hawk Map Waypoint moved to the same as the Spawn Position
- Possibility to add a cutscene and make use of room animation 10 for the Ebon Hawk on Malachor V
- Fixed dialog starting with Opo Chano when you open both doors to the Cantina
- Dead Jedi Council Member Added
- HK Encounter Added
- Dialog updated to start the Coruscant Quest, this can also be started by visiting Coruscant
- Gammorrean Guards given dialog
- Music updated for all areas in Sleheyron
- Merchant store added, duplicate of yavin merchant for the moment
- Dialog for Rodian Patron & Telos Spice Smuggling Quest fixed
- Pazaak Opponent and Card Merchant added
- Pazaak Cards & Stein Placeables
- Trandoshans & Dialog Added
- Dialog for Rodian Gang Members Added
- Droids added
- Merchant added
- duplicate of droid store for the moment
- more placeables added
- Sloomie added for Sleheyron Quest

- Waitresses added to the Cantina
- Slaves added to the City area
- GBL_MAIN_SITH_LORD set to 4 after completing the game ( showing your last player character on the menu )
- Fixed a bug where converstation with the Rodian & Devaronian Bounty would start during combat with the Mercenaries
- Made sure the conversation will still start if the Mercenaries are not there
- Hutt dialog added
- rug under hutt added
- placeables added on both tables
- rodian encounter fixed
- rodian encounter updated to match

- Dialog file updated to K2 format
- VO Converted and added


Re-Scaled Trandoshans
- mod by Schizo now included

Endar Spire 0.8.4 Contains a slightly outdated dialog file and does not contain 0.8.3 Expanded Galaxy Project Changes yet, I will match versions at 0.8.5 soon.

While I will continue to work on the base of the K1 Port Project, I will not be working on any more levels until I have worked on issues with the dialog.tlk files, .dlg files and the balancing / class differences between games.

I also need to work on a launcher that will alternate between save folders, dialog.tlk files and the galaxy map scripts / 2da files and any other variations contained in the override folder to prevent requiring two installs of the game.

I look forward to peoples feedback on what's been done so far and I am also looking for people to get involved with the project from story ideas to lore for planets and 3D modellers / texture artists.

Big thank you to anybody that took the time to read all the patch notes, getting the project to this stage has taken a lot of work and it's finally presentable.

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