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These are the Patch Notes for The Black Death's V0.25 - Attributes Update. Update was released: 3rd March 2018.

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Welcome adventurers to update V0.25 – Attributes!

Good day all Mercians!

We have a new update for you that provides players the ability to level up very crucial attributes that can progress you further in the world! These statistics allow you have more health, deal more damage and get cheaper prices in the shop!

Here are the patch notes in full:


  • Attribute system allowing the players to level up stats such as heath, strength, stamina, agility, hunger, thirst, crafting, merchantry, daggerman, swordsman, heavy swordsman and bowman. These bonuses are lost upon death
  • Character create now enables you to pick a profession and get a bonus attributes that match that profession including additional learnt recipes
  • Inventory rework to make it easier to find what you are looking (filters all on one screen instead of inside tabs) Also including the attribute system
  • When leveling up a profession a UI pop-up displays the recipes you’ve learnt
  • Placing system for campfires and traps that can be used from the hotbar that provides an in world placing actor allowing you to fine control where it is deployed and it’s rotation. Left click to place, right click to cancel and mouse wheel to rotate.


  • Crafting UI adjusted so you can view other recipes and ingredients whilst crafting
  • Loot all keybinded to “T” and is fully functional
  • Inventory now shows current equipped Armour value
  • Foraging water is now one click, instead of needing to go through the context wheel
  • Food recipes such as bread, mushroom soup, berry jam, bone meal and porridge now have a chance of a rare larger version that can be crafted
  • Pumpkin resource now is procedurally spawned throughout the map
  • Server browser now has population numbers back in
  • Food/Plant resources now can be picked multiple times and have a chance of providing the seed version
  • Fishing system has been adjusted so you can cast your fishing rod and wait which results gaining fish over time, if you move it will cancel the fishing activity.
  • Stick piles can now be picked multiple times and have a chance of providing kindling
  • Rock piles can now be picked multiple times
    you can toggle official and non official servers in the server browser list
  • Bandits should now have a combat idle when close to an enemy


  • G and H item shortcuts still in which is causing some bugs/loop holes
  • Fishing rod not playing fishing animation
  • Helmet meshes remaining after being unequipped


  • Running speed with all weapons increased and now has finer balancing between weapon types.
  • Running speed with all tools has been increased and now has finer balancing between tool types
  • Price modifiers for shops has been re-balanced for the merchantry attribute
  • Crafting times re-balanced for the crafting attribute
  • Increased the chance of gold ore spawning throughout the world
  • Raw foods such as fish and meat last 50% longer before rotting

Known Problems:

  • The agility attribute is currently not affecting run speed

We have decided to temporarily make some servers offline that we’re particularly unstable in an attempt to see if the more stable servers can handle the population instead and to prevent any players joining these servers and losing data, unfortunately this will cause characters saves and houses built on them to be unavailable however please do not hesitate to contact us if you we’re only able to play on these servers and we will bring them back online again. These are the servers affected:

  • BD-Amsterdam-02
  • BD-London-04
  • BD-London-02
  • BD-Frankfurt-02
  • BD-Los-Angeles-02
  • BD-Moscow-01

Thanks for playing everyone! See you in Mercia.

The S.I.G. Team

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