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Patch notes for updates to v9, v10, v11, v12. Website updates, New Maps, Upkeep Rework, Gameplay Changes, Launcher Update, New Character Stats, Flags in Battle, Balance changes, Bug Fixes and more!

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cRPG Mod

Versions 9, 10, 11 and 12 Update

Patch Notes 📜


Website 🖥️

  • Fixed display of required experience for level 31+
  • Shop filters refined
  • Number of items per page customizable in the shop
  • Added Item stats (armor sum, repair cost, requirement) in the character view
  • Added a progress bar for xp
  • There is a new version of the launcher available Here


( shop Body Armours with filter options)

Mod ⚔️

  • Fixed crash on vote-kick
  • Fixed message for sold item bug
  • Horse Archery and Shield Skills implemented
  • Decreased crossbows reload speed by 30%
  • Decreased bolts quantity by 50%
  • Adjusted shield skill impact on shield stun duration when getting hit and shield durability
  • Disallowed spawning if player has no weapon
  • Implemented soft requirement for armours slowing users with inadequate strength view an example video here
  • Added flags to battles
  • Upkeep cost was divided by 4 but the chance of an item to break was multiplied by 4. The goal is to have more frequent but less costly upkeep.
  • Added the following items: Noble Crowned Lord Helmet, Fringed Cape, Tartan Dress, Bolts, Heavy Bolts, Heavy Quarrels, Light Quarrels, Cavalry Kite Shield, Leather Riding Boots, Bronze Lamellar Vest over Gambeson, Closed Decorated Goggled Helmet, Plumed Decorated Mailed Nasal Helmet, Pernach, Rural Head Wrap. They were removed because their names would conflict with other items in earlier version of Bannerlord

Maps 🗺️

We have added 3 player-made maps: Vatnborg (@Firunien), Abandoned (@Gsälzbär), and Bandit Valley (@Lars). To start, we only put Vatnborg in the map pool. Many more community made maps coming!

(Two Maps under construction by Artist Bullero)

(Map under construction: Forest Map by Artist Polluxo)

(Map under construction: Swamp Brawl by Artist Edwards)

Server Crash Issue ☠️

We are aware that there are still many crashes. Most issues stemming from taleworlds servers and the exact cause remains unclear. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these server problems.

Official cRPG Discord 💬

Active daily with a variety of game based and community channels the cRPG Discord provides an easy place to meet and coordinate with thousands of other cRPG Players! Serving as a hub for players the Discord is also useful for players dealing with technical problems or looking for more information on the game! Join the Official cRPG Discord!

Official cRPG Twitter 🐦and Youtube ▶️

We now have a Twitter! Follow us Here for updates and community content! We also have a Youtube where we will be posting gameplay, community videos, trailers and more. Like and subscribe Here!

If you want to help support the development of cRPG, consider donating to us on Patreon!

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