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Patch notes for update to V8. Website updates, Inactivity timer, Clan colours, Shop Improvements, Price Adjustments, Balance changes, Bug Fixes and more!

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cRPG Mod - Version 8 Update

Patch Notes 📜

Website 🖥️

  • Average repair now listed alongside max repair on character page
  • HP now visible
  • Experience to next level now visible
  • Clan colours implemented
  • Improvements to character interface
  • Improved Shop layout
  • Sell price now visible on sell button
  • New shop filter inputs
  • Banners removed from shop (due to bug)
  • Regional modifier added to clans. It can be edited through a new page accessible by the clan leader.
  • Clan members can now be sorted by role
  • Desync between server and website prices fixed that was sometimes causing you to pay more upkeep than expected. Prices were fixed and we reimbursed everyone items to avoid confusion. Don't forget to clear your cache since the items are cached for several hours.


( shop, two handed weapons)

Mod ⚔️

  • Inactivity timer now kicking AFK players at 45 seconds of inactivity
  • Throwing stacks reduced by ~2
  • Removed multiplayer perks that were improperly affecting gameplay
  • Fixed Warmup-End Crash
  • Moderation tools added
  • Buff for cut and pierce damage
  • Buff for spears against horses
  • Items will now be automatically sold when you run out of gold

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Server Crash Issue ☠️

We are aware that there are still many crashes. Most issues stemming from taleworlds servers and the exact cause remains unclear. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these server problems.

Official cRPG Discord 💬

Active daily with a variety of game based and community channels the cRPG Discord provides an easy place to meet and coordinate with thousands of other cRPG Players! Serving as a hub for players the Discord is also useful for players dealing with technical problems or looking for more information on the game! Join the Official cRPG Discord!

Official cRPG Twitter 🐦and Youtube ▶️

We now have a Twitter! Follow us Here for updates and community content! We also have a Youtube where we will be posting gameplay, community videos, trailers and more. Like and subscribe Here!


If you want to help support the development of cRPG, consider donating to us on Patreon!

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