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Patch notes for updates to v13,v14,v15,v16. Website updates, New Maps, Crossbow Balance, Armor Weight Adjustments, Item Refunds, New Item Value Model, Map Rotation Fix, Bug Fixes and more!

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cRPG Mod

Versions 13, 14, 15 and 16 Update

Patch Notes 📜


Website 🖥️

  • cRPG has what is called an item value model. This model aims to predict and quantify the efficiency of any items in the game. It does so using formulas to calculate a tier between 0 and 10 for each item, using the item stats. The value model has been completely reworked in order to better predict which weapons and items performs the best. The tier calculated for each item is what will determine the item requirements, and the item price. That is why you will see that the order of item in the pricing list will have changed because the value odel appraisal has changed. The best weapons should now be the one that cost the more. The item value model is not a form of item balancing, but merely an indicator of the balancing game items. We will in further updates balance items in order to have a more even playfield. @Namidaka
  • Fixed the experience bar progression (@orle)
  • Fixed renaming a character that wouldn't work after deleting one.
  • Fixed requirement display that was using the horse harness.
  • Made all clan fields editable (only available for leaders) @orle
  • Added region filter to the URL in clans page. (e.g.

skoldradsvid 1

(Teams clash on this new cRPG Map in the NA cRPG Battle servers)

Mod ⚔️

  • Crossbow Rework: Aim of these changes is to make the crossbow shift from a run-and-gun class to a sniper class. We also wanted to have WPF impact crossbows more, such that it's hard to use them with little points invested, and easier to use with more. Before adding strength requirement for crossbows, we wanted to first rework the crossbows behavior to build on a healthy basis. (@Namidaka)
    • Crossbows are 2 times more accurate.
    • Crossbows bolts now fly 40% faster.
    • Crossbows ready speed is now slower below 80 WPF, and faster above 80 WPF.
    • Crossbows are way less accurate during the ready up time.
    • Crossbows reload speed reduced by 35%.
    • Crossbows now have strength requirement. Being below the requirement will make the crossbow proportionnaly worse in every aspect. @Namidaka
  • Armors prices have been adjusted to take in account their weight. For that reason, all armors are refunded. @Namidaka
  • Armor set requirement uses what is called a generalized mean. The power value used to be 10. This meant that the best armor piece you wore would have a much greater impact on the set requirement than the other pieces. This impact was too strong and prevented too much players from being able to trade off requirement on some slots, to get a better piece in another slot. By setting the power value to 4 , we aimed at giving more leeway to players so they would be able more do more minmaxing. @Namidaka
  • Horses prices and their harness have been slightly increased. We're still below cRPG1 prices but want to gradually tweak the prices until they reach a balanced state. @Namidaka
  • There is now a limit of one character created by hour.
  • Added notification on warmup end. @Gotha
  • Disabled the 2x morale multiplier for the last flag.
  • Decreased the morale gain multiplier (3x -> 2x).
  • Compact gain/upkeep message added.
  • Delayed cavs spawn by 6 seconds (@Gotha).
  • Removed "War Horse" that was making some player crash.
  • 5 maps are now picked randomly for the map vote.
  • Added images to maps.
  • Avoid suggesting the current map in the next map vote.
  • Implemented bans/mutes directly in-game for moderators


(A selection of fighters from the NA region of cRPG Mod)

Maps 🗺️

Add many more maps to the pool and 5 maps are picked randomly for the map vote and added images to maps. Added 7 new maps:

  • Sandpit by judie
  • Sanctuary by Bullero
  • Onomasticon by Bullero
  • Swamp Brawl by Edwards
  • Dragon's roost by judie
  • Acacia Citadel by LizardWizard
  • Skolderby by Radsvid
  • Sally Out by Bullero


(Sanctuary by Bullero)


(Skolderby by Radsvid)


(Sally Out by Bullero)

Server Crash Issue ☠️

We are aware that there are still many crashes. Most issues stemming from taleworlds servers and the exact cause remains unclear. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these server problems.


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