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We overhauled the ranged combat and our ritual magic system. The latter is now based on runes, which means a there are new riddles!

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Hey everyone,

last week I sneakily pushed a patch for the open Steam playtest but did not have the time to properly tell you about it. Today I pushed another one, version 0.20205, and it is time to talk about it!

Some players were having trouble with aiming their shots in the game, so I thought about controls and accessibility a bit more. I implemented an aiming system that you can use with your mouse exclusively and without hotkeys.

Aiming System

To improve accessibility even more, I added inputs and changed settings as well as other things so you can now play the game completely without the keyboard. Hotkeys might still be the most efficient way to control your alchemist and nothing prevents you from playing the way you did before the patch.

In order to allow mouse-only play, I tweaked the ritual magic system. After burning a certain amount of a certain ingredient you have to chant a mantra, which was based on alphabetic letters. These letters are now replaced by runes, which can be clicked in a new UI, instead of typed with a keyboard. A second benefit from this is that the rune system makes it easier to translate the game into different languages.
As a consequence of these changes, all quests and riddles related to ritual magic were overhauled, so there are new scrolls with visual riddles to figure out.

Screenshot Riddle Reaper

Screenshot Riddle Owl

Next week I will add additional accessibility features, but also more content, so stay tuned for the upcoming devlog.

If you want to read the full patch notes or just want to say hi, stop by on our Discord. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!


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