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Well I've got a lot of little tweaks and fixes done for the upcoming patch. Still having trouble figuring out the issue with the handgrenade getting stuck in the head of the Player after a cutscene.

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I've done some extra work on the proximity side of the handgrenade code. I wanted to feel a little bit of accomplishment after so many failed attempts at fixing the head grenade bug. So now the proximity grenades do more damage, they have a bigger proximity radius, and you can pick them back up if they haven't been tripped by an enemy to regain ammo. Even if your full on handgrenade ammo you can pick them up anyways to stop that annoying beeping sound.

Done so far 5-21-18:

Fixed plasmagun liquid flamethrower bug.
Fixed rocket launcher magazine bug.
Removed the dof on zoom option from the nextgen options menu and permanently disabled it.
Shotgun, db, and chaingun have a chance at gibbing smaller demons and zombies at close range.
Gib count has been increased for the gibbing system and bloodsplat count has been doubled.
Added new gibbing sound for gibbed monsters.
Increased proximity grenade detection radius and damage rates.
Added the ability to pick up proximity grenades that have not exploded yet even if handgrenade ammo is full.

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