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Patch 7.0 from 12/02/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 (Link to download)

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Patch 7.0 from 12/02/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5:
Worked on the patch: Okzersal, Yarik, Leeekaaa

We express our deep gratitude to: Blad398 (author of New Teuton) and Jukoman (author of Fleur de Lis: Normans) for using their developments in BS.

ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

* After installing the patch It is necessary in BS_Setup: either turn on the "Founding of Dynasties" or turn it off.
(The checkmark must be on one of two items!).

IMPORTANT! After patch 6.0, an update is needed for the following scripts*:
-AI Strengthening Script,
-Script Resistance to Crusades and Jihads,
-Script Military aid for weak AI factions

*Write to Leeekaaa.

Link for downloading Patch 7.0 for BS 2.1.5

English translation of BS 2.1.5 (for Patch 7.0)

Patch and translation are cumulative

Changelog of Patch 7.0:

- Fixed a bug that lasted from the fifth patch - in the early campaign, the Teutonic Order and the Mongols immediately became rebellious.
- New art of Historical Battles in the Main Menu
- Corrected the levels of armor upgrades for early knighthood - now in the early campaign knights, ministerials and their counterparts can be pumped to "gold"
- in the rebalance, the stats of the Tadzreulovs are equated to the Templars, but they are hired for 1 turn longer and slightly more expensive
- Andalusian infantry removed the basic upgrade, added new info and icon
- The Templar troops returned to hire in the 14th century (only for the Kingdom of Jerusalem). The rest of the factions will not be able to recruit them, but they will be able to replenish units in the chapters. Therefore, do not allow the loss of the entire Templar detachment since 1300.
- Removed old base model of Gazia
- a new model for the Moors Crossbowmen Peasants (4 upgrades)
- new textures of armored horses for the protection of the commanders of Muslims and Georgia (different fabric elements, saddles and horse breeds)
- Foot Hashams are now only recruited in the historical region of Turkey
- New units for Muslims - Faris and Faris Infantry (4 upgrades)
- new 4 models for Gulyams and Walking Gulyams
- removed Mortar and Kulevrin
- new models for the Order Crossbowmen (Livonian Auxiliares)
- removed base vanilla model Alamanoev
- added new mercenaries Balkan infantrymen (instead of azap - removed)
- Reworked models of Shooters with arquebusses for almost all factions (+ Sweden)
- Giant Bombard has been strengthened and increased in value - Elite Artillery is now
- Updated skins for dart throwers: Turks throwers, Kurds throwers, Scottish mercenaries, Sudanese nomads
- Tweaked the stats of the Byzantine Scutat Swordsmen Finally I found a middle ground - they are weaker than the knights, but there are more of them in the squad. In a 1v1 battle, the winner is the one whose soldiers enter the enemy squad from the flank.
- New art for some units.
- Some new art for buildings and events
- Fixed helping family members for the Teutonic Order AI in the late campaign
- New units are registered in all scripts
- Fix for mountainous terrain in Georgia


Do i need to install the other patches ?

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same question

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So Do we need to install the other patches?

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Leeekaaa Author

no just latest

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it doesn't matter what configuration I use always hangs in the year 1230

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do I need patch 6

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