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Patch 5.0 from 11/02/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 (Link to download)

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Patch 5.0 from 11/02/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5:
Worked on the patch: Yarik, Okzersal, Leeekaaa

ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

Link for downloading Patch 5.0 for BS 2.1.5

English translation of BS 2.1.5 (for this patch 5.0)

Patch and translation are cumulative


-In the rebalance, a crash when loading a battle when there were Scandinavian warriors with axes in the army was fixed.
-Fixed a bug - there was a typo in the script for changing combat models - crashed because of the late model of the Hungarian king.
-Added a couple of new flags for mercenary units - warriors with godendags, Flemish pikemen
-Fixed recruitment of Flemish infantry
-The level of order for all economies has been made, the frequent appearance of riots due to public discontent has been fixed
-Fix population growth on the last levels of city walls and castles. (Now it will be more difficult to grow Cities and Castles of the last levels)

- new Viking models from Fleur de Lis: Normans mod are integrated - special thanks to Jukoman (Vasily Kolesnikov) for permission! All models added as upgrades to existing ones.
- new models of the Breton light cavalry
- new Alforat models
- new models of squires (Scandinavian riders) *
* unit Squires renamed to Scandinavian horsemen; available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway
- new doppelzoldner models
- new models of Scandinavian warriors with axes
- new models of housecarls
- new models of foot huscarls
- new models of lance bonds
- new models of foot soldiers of the Vikings
- new viking robber models
- retexture of early Scandinavian units' shields from Okzersal
- a new standard bearer for mercenary Scandinavian troops
- new banners for mercenaries from Okzersal
- updated model for Scandinavian archers
- new model for English housecarls
- new base model for the adepts of Perkunas
- new base model for Nubian spearmen
- fixed stats for spearmen with shields of Hungary
and other units (Scootats swordsmen, catastrophilacs, archontopules, knights of the orders, Lithuanian line, etc.)
- a new basic model of the junior squad of Russia
- new base model of the Horse junior squad
- new upgrade for Lithuanian street throwers
- new models of the Lithuanian noble infantry and cavalry (basic)
- new upgrade of the Princely Ax Infantry (Lithuania)
- new basic model of the unit Kmeti (Rus)
- new base Warang model
- new upgrade Kosogi senior militia (Cumans)
- new upgrade for Croats
- changed the system of building chapters and recruiting order units
- fixed recruitment of Noble knights of Catholic Lithuania
- fixed recruitment of Lithuanian late units for the appropriate time frame

- Slightly weakened Latinicon
- Slightly strengthened Turhaguts
- new models for:
Princely infantry with axes,
Lithuanian soldiers with axes,
Lithuanian peasant archers,
Lithuanian city spearmen,
Lithuanian guard generals.

- new banners for Prussian and Lithuanian mercenaries)
- new models for the squads of the three factions of Russia
- fix of the silver officer for the reiters and for the archers (Vladimir faction)
- new unit for Byzantium: Pelikiforos
- new textures for the Polish nobility unit (HRE, TO, Lithuania, Kievan Rus, Hungary)

Other edits:
-Historical event in the domestic modostroy old M2TW - in our mod integrated by Yarik script BGR IV! It is not found anywhere else, except for the abandoned foreign mod Stainless Steel (SS).
-Fixed impassable crossing near Caesarea. Thanks Yarik.
-Added by Yarik script to the "founding new dynasties" setup (now it has no bugs that were in 2.1.4).
-Fix a rare bug when the scripted Teutonic Order could have invisible generals * on the global map in the early campaign.
-Fix a rare bug when scripted Mongols could have invisible generals * on the global map in the early and late campaigns.
* Lead to departures
-The Halberd Militia unit has been removed from scripted troops from the 12th century.
-Unit Pavise_Spear_Militia The spearmen militia with a large shield (Italy) is now hired since 1200. (Edits in all main scripts)
-Unit Polish Knights Polish knights have been moved in all scripts to the 14th century (from 1300).
-The squad unit with crossbows and Knights Bogatyrs have been moved in all scripts to the 14th century (since 1300).
(touched upon: Main campaign_script, AI Strong Start, Capitals Retake, UPU, CP and Jihad Resistance, SU)
-Significant changes to the balance of power in the script for military aid to the weak (Now help * in a critical situation will be received by all factions (except for the Mongols).
* Clarification: If the player's faction is the original neighbor of the weakened AI faction, it will not receive help, except in some rare cases).

-New art (icons + info) for units whose skins have been updated (where required).
-Added beautiful new art for some events and buildings.
-The title of Chamberlain and Connetable can now be transferred to another general
-Adjustment of scripted troops by William Wallace. Increased William's command.
-Increased the starting percentage of the Catholic religion in Torun in the late campaign (from 40% to 70%) - this is the area of ​​TO.
-Fixed a bug when the Anch-dynasty "Teutonic Order" was supposed to give + 5% to public order, but in fact it was -5%! Moreover, now anch will give + 10% to the order.
-Fixed errors in the rulers of some regions (According to the description, they should have given + to public order, but in fact it was the other way around!). These are the anchi of the rulers of the cities: Torun, Yerevan, Riga, Baku, Itil.
-With Mongol invasion enabled, if the Mongols capture Murom, there will now be a special unique video *.
-Restored guild info pictures for Russia (they were lost due to culture change when we introduced the model of the temple for the cities of Russ).
-Fixed Ottoman Infantry info picture.
-Other little things to improve and "refine" the mod


When the links will be available to download ?

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Leeekaaa Author

already available!

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i think this patch is broken. Lots of un assigned textures on units they look black on some parts. And even if changelog says new models for x adn y units they only have new unit cards but models are the same. Also when the english translation will be ready ?

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Leeekaaa Author

what units? can you tell me their names?

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I cant. They are in Russian(I think?).

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Leeekaaa Author

but you can show me the screen shot.
eng translation will be very soon/

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Leeekaaa Author

eng translation is ready

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interestingly after applying the english translation and running the installer that makes scripts and translation works it also fixed the texture issues and models.

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Leeekaaa Author

ok. just don't be blunt. ;-) you always need to reapply scripts in BS_setup.

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the description of the Armenians of Cilicia is bugged

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