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The next patch for the WarFront mod is on the way!

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Update on patch 2.2

I should be ready to release the next patch in the next week or so, it's in testing at the moment and everything looks good. In the meantime, here's a rundown of the patch contents so far...

WarFront v2.2 Changelog
Bug Fixes:
Changed splash material on armored vehicles, where applicable, to prevent handweapons from doing damage
Added vehicle icon to rear mg position of SdkFz 251 (Hanomag)
Fixed BF109 collision
Removed FireInDOF from all aircraft to prevent bullets from following cam when free-looking
Fixed missing Nebelwerfer sound
4Jap_Engineer now uses Arisaka (was using K98)
Corrected all incorrect handgun muzzle velocities

General Changes:
Tweaked several vehicle textures
Added some zoom back to handweapons (0.7)
Changed fire effect on rocket projectiles
Removed camera offset position from B17 cockpit
Created new AT class for Russians: Rus_AT_RPG40
Created new AT class for Russians: Rus_AT_RPG43
Changed Rus_Anti_Armor class name to Rus_AT_Baz
Created new USKit: US_Paratrooper
Created new USKit: US_Paratrooper_AT
Created new USKit: US_Paratrooper_Medic
Assigned new matIds on C47 collisions
Reorganized weapons in several kits, and made the changes on the corresponding maps
Modeled several new shorter military fence variations
Modeled new panzerfaust crate, coded with 4 integrated panzerfaust spawners (for 60 & 100)

Vehicle/Weapon Additions:
Added Opel Blitz to mod
Added Ho-Ni to mod
Added KV-2 to mod
Added Semovente da 75/18 to mod (random spawn with/without top MG position)
Added Macchi C.202 to mod
Added Hawker Typhoon to mod
Added RP-3 Unguided Rockets to mod
Added RPG-40 AT Grenade to mod
Added RPG-43 AT Grenade to mod
Added M1Carbine to mod
Added M1A1 to mod
Added Springfield/SpringfieldSniper to mod
Added Luger to mod

New Maps:
Added Oahu map (conversion of the The Pearl Harbor Community Project)



Great work! It's great to see that there are regular patches for this mod. The only thing which could improve this mod are the Iron Sights which would be great. Also, the game crashes when I play for the Germans and select the MG class. For the Russians I can't use the weapon and for the other fractions it doesn't happen.

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bf_takiwa Author

Which map crashes when you select mg class?

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In the El Alamein and in the Kharkov, it has a wrong icon. I haven't much tried other maps since the El Alamein is one of my favorites along with the Kharkov, Kursk and a few others.

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bf_takiwa Author

I'll take a look now and see what the problem is, thank you :)

EDIT: Found the problem, this will be fixed with the 2.2 patch :)

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this is a very good news !

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Awesome work.

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bf_takiwa Author

Should only be another day or so, wrapping up the testing now...

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