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The 2.0.3 patch brings bug fixes, balance improvements and visuals to the 2.0 experience. Article also peeks into the artillery barrage remake.

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Hi All,

Thanks for tuning in again, this time I bring you patch 2.0.3 - the result of a lot of feedback and test matches.

If you have 2.0 or 2.0.1 currently installed, download the patch here:

Rise of the East v2.0.3 PATCH

If you are new to the mod, download the full current version (2.0.3) here:

Rise of the East v2.0

This update introduces some new visuals, bug fixes and many balance changes.

Also with this release comes a re-coded Artillery Barrage - due to the nature of the old code, it was unreliable at close range to the firer's base. This new version bolsters improved targeting and new visuals while maintaining its randomized pattern effect for balance purposes:

Another addition is the Fortified Bunker for East Asia. It was previously in the game but removed because I wanted to keep buildable bunkers a signature Soviet defense. But from multiple test games it clearly shows East Asia is left quite vulnerable in later stages of the game, hopefully the bunker will fix this.

    Fortified Bunker
  • Requires War Factory to be built
  • Comes with 3 (capacity) Tank Hunters (or Busters if playing as NK)
  • Costs 1100 to compensate for the free infantry

The changelog is quite lengthy so I'll post it in the file link which can be found in the download page here. The changelog is also in the zip file.

I'll keep this article to the main points of the patch:

  1. Artillery Barrage remake
  2. Major balance improvements
  3. Bug fixes (game and client)
  4. Visuals improvements for some weapons and explosions
  5. New T1 defensive structure for East Asia

PS we're looking for some more peeps to play online with, if you're keen hit me up with a message and we'll add ya to the group! (we're 3-4 regulars atm)

Til next time :)


We can't play LAN with this MOD. It has this message "kaboom! yuri's revenge has crashed exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation." Do you have a solution for this? Thank you.

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ayylmaoRotE Author

Thanks for reporting, I wasn't able to test LAN so I can't say what it is exactly. Can you try playing online with your LAN crew? It should work with no issues. I'll look into this in the meantime

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I tried it online but after an hour of playing, it crashed and the game ended because of connection issues I think. I hope you have a solution or an update for LAN to play this MOD. Thank you!

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ayylmaoRotE Author

Just an update on this, the issue is with cncnet client files. If I can compile a new client and test it I'll update the files with patch 2.1 otherwise may need to wait for cncnet update. Cheers

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