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General improvements, additional survival levels included.

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Today we are announcing patch 1.3.1. This patch is a general 'fit and finish' release designed tidy up Revision ahead of the end of the year. As always, the updates in this patch will accommodate existing saved games, and you’ll start experiencing the refinements when you go to a new, previously unvisited part of the game world.

Intro Cinematic

  • Changed music.
  • Prevented Manderley from playing his idle animation while talking.


  • Replaced Alex's Vanilla chair with a TNM one.

UNATCO HQ (Second visit):

  • Fixed Simons getting stuck on the door and walking on the table.

Battery Park (Second visit):

  • Fixed Riot Cops having no combat lines.

Ton Hotel (Second visit):

  • Readded code to make MIB's mortal again, so players with the old map can kill them.

New York Majestic 12 Facility:

  • Fixed using thermoptic camo when captured making you stay cloaked.

Wan Chai Market (Market Area):

  • Police garage guard only attacks when he sees you.
  • Police now attack when you enter small temple shop.

Wan Chai Market (Compound Area):

  • People hate you for breaking into the shops.

Tracer Tong's Lab:

  • Alex's post Versalife lines only play after his main conversation now as that conversation has lines for after Versalife.
  • Fixed a book of augmentations in Tong's Lab listing Vanilla augs in Biomod. Also added Skull Gun to list. Also fixed a typo in the Vanilla text.

Tonnochi Road:

  • Policeman now attacks you for being in any of the shops.

Wan Chai Underground Mall & Lucky Money:

  • Fixed ATM logins.
  • Police only attack you for entering the Quick Stop if they see you.

Chapter 8:

  • Updated to newest version of combat music.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Exterior):

  • Fixed music for level.

NYC Cemetery:

  • Readded the slab that covers the safe.

Paris Streets (Near Champs-Elysees):

  • Police attack you for entering the digital media store.
  • Reduced the amount of lag caused by snow at the bakery.

La Porte de l'Enfer:

  • Fixed Jean trying to play one of Kristi's line if you have less than 10 credits.
  • Possibly fixed the fish falling out of the accountant's tank.

Metro Station near Cathedral du Paynes:

  • Breaking into the café now makes the police hostile, if they see you inside.

California Gas Station:

  • Changed the rocket ignition sound when Jock blows up the gates to be global.

Area 51 (Surface):

  • Fixed a typo in the scared soldier's conversation.
  • Jock's info link about the sniper in the tower probably doesn't play now when he's dead.

Chapter 15:

  • Swapped LAM and plasma ammo on Simons to prevent Biomod overwriting the LAM with more ammo.


  • Teleporting Enemies:
    • Enemies can teleport around the level when you lose sight of them.
  • Manhunt:
    • Secret Service attack you on every level with constant reinforcements, no safe zones.
  • Real-time UI:
    • Opening the UI no longer pauses the game.
  • Fixed getting softlocked at Carter in I Am The LAW mode.
  • Refixed LAWs mode spawning thousands of LAWs from crates.


  • Added multiple locations for helicopter spawning on cathedral level.
  • Added Dockyard survival.
  • Added Underworld Tavern survival.
  • Bosses now no longer stop attacking you.
  • Bosses now teleport too past wave 600.
  • Difficulty is now properly applied after defeating your first boss.
  • Enemies no longer flee past wave 300 in survival.
  • Fixed AI not standing on the left elevator in UC survival.
  • Fixed message about the computers using the cathedral version instead of the UC version on the UC level.
  • Military bots have double speed.


  • Active turrets with no target now rotate and beep (helpful for chapter 14).
  • Added inventory swapping code from 'Vanilla Matters' mod.
  • AI now, in most cases, reacts to doors being opened that they can see.
  • Aimbot now reloads its held weapon after being safe for 8 seconds.
  • Changed drowning for technical reasons to allow water areas to also have passive damage (glitched in the original).
  • Light aug now lights all surfaces.
  • Medbot health screens and repair bot energy screens now refresh to show current health/energy.
  • Using a computer no longer makes you invisible to NPCs and cameras in realistic difficulty.


  • "Fully Prepared" achievement can be obtained in Collectables mode.
  • Added a button to maximize the notes screen.
  • Anything that hits the skybox walls no longer spawn any effects, nor does anything get stuck into it like darts or knives.
  • Carcasses now play a sound when landing.
  • Carcasses now spawn the same size their living variant was.
  • Changed "last bullet, last chance" achievement to only work with bullet damage, to prevent it being awarded from mini-crossbows or projectiles.
  • Changed "F12" to "Augmentation Slot F12" in keyboard settings.
  • Changed Biomod MissionNames.
  • Datacubes now become grey when used.
  • Dead fish no longer weigh as much as a fully grown human.
  • Decorations now rotate to their velocity when thrown.
  • Disabled plasma/fire effects spawning on objects if fired by AI.
  • Drinks now leave liquid on the ground when destroyed.
  • Enabled verbose Triad lines.
  • Fixed "In and Out" achievement.
  • Fixed "Vive la France" and "Arachnophobia" achievements.
  • Fixed being able to pick up chairs that people are sitting on.
  • Fixed cloaking with HDTP NPCs not using the white static texture.
  • Fixed crash to desktop if a medbot/repair bot is destroyed while you use it.
  • Fixed crashes when playing on Windows XP.
  • Fixed flares causing explosives to go into a constant exploding loop.
  • Gave the Secret Service voices.
  • Grenades and throwing knives can no longer be reloaded.
  • Helicopters and Jock now gib their pilot when they explode.
  • NPCs now look at the player for a few seconds when they walk past.
  • NPCs now play the panic animation if they don't have a dance animation (HuRen already does this).
  • Plasma no longer drains energy in god mode.
  • Smoke from the incense burner now follows it when moved.
  • Updated notes page to allow space for French translation.

There's an interesting unused feature you can bring in the next update:
there's a Red Arrow Triad member in the WanChai Market map who was supposed to speak to JC in that location, but he was cut out. Anyway he's interesting, so why not putting him back? (video) | (info)
He could run up to JC upon he arrives at the market, or past the market itself where the city is, spawning before talking to Gordon about Maggie.

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