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A few issues have come up with V1.0 of the mod and we started work straight away on a 1.1 patch which should be available pretty soon.

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Contents of Patch 1.1 so far scheduled:

[F] : Fixes
[A] : Additions

[F] Fix a bug in S&D when changing Class during First Round
[F] Fix a bug when player bled to death (no more gibbing)
[F] Fix a bug with M79 Thumper Firing mode change (goes in Slot 3 as it should now)
[F] Fix Booby Trap safe for Team mate now with set "2"
[F] Fix a display issue on Control Multiplayer Menu
[F] Fix CFG files for typo / default setup (rotation.cfg, weapon_control.cfg, ambient_control.cfg)
[F] Fix Claymore + Weapons Pool sounds (could be heard all over the map)
[F] Fix a problem with drop grenades where "throw back" was showing
[F] Fix Center Obituaries not showing
[A] Added 2 dvars to show/hide 2D/3D icons - also hides Flag carrier in CTF (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to switch on/off Red Crosshairs on enemies (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to Show/Hide Bomb carrier in SAB (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Weapon Damage Modifier for all weapons/items/hardpoints (see updated weapon_control.cfg)


Keep up working! Thx for the mod!

Can u integrate the files of VIETCONG pls? :)

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zeroy Author

not sure what you mean by "Can u integrate the files of VIETCONG"

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