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Now, you can pause the game at any time. You can move the camera by dragging it. All game settings are available in the main menu. More Tool-tips have been added to the spaceship overview, items in your inventory, the ships's status panel and more. There is also a new tab in your main window with the entire keyboard layout. In addition, several bugs have been fixed!

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The first update of Galactic Crew contains the following features, improvements and bug fixes.

Pausing a game

By pressing the 'Space' key you can pause the game at any time. While the game is paused, no weapons are fired, your crew freezes and you can't use any of your crew member's skills. However, you can still move the camera to analyze your current situation and you can use all views, e.g. you can still change all settings or sort your inventory. Press the 'Space' key a second time to continue your game.

Camera movement

So far, the user could move the camera by using the W/A/S/D or arrows keys or he could move the mouse cursor to the screen's edge. Now, you can also move the camera with drag & drop. Just click somewhere and move the mouse while keeping the mouse button pressed.

The zoom range has been limited to a reasonable range.

Main menu settings

Now, all settings are also available in the main menu of the game. Click on "Settings" to change the language, screen resolution, fullscreen mode, sound volume, music volume, etc.

More tool-tips

I added more tool-tips to the spaceship overview. All rooms and all ship properties got their own tool-tips with a brief description. In addition, the tool-tips of the inventory have been improved by adding additional information. Now you can see immediately whether an item in your cargo hold is important or not.

Help tab with keyboard layout

There are some usefuly shortcuts in Galactic Crew. They are all listed on the new window tab "Help"!

Restoring fullscreen mode

When switching to another Windows application by using Alt+Tab, the game was reduced to its Windowed mode. Now you can simply click on the window to make it immediately fullscreen again!

Bug Fixes

  • The game could crash when used on computers with a specific sound chip.
  • A soldier's rifle was floating in the air, when he gathered resources or talked to a merchant.
  • It is no longer possible to zoom below the spaceship.
  • When the game is played in windowed mode and the user moves his mouse cursor outside the game window, the camera stops scrolling and all mouse button clicks are no longer processed by the game.
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