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I just deployed the latest patch of Galactic Crew. Character roles and backgrounds got more important and influence more things than just the way you generate threat. All characters got voices (thanks to the voice actors!). New damage indicators help you to localize problems on your ship. In addition, further improvements were made and bugs were fixed.

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The latest update of Galactic contains the following changes.

Character role and background got more important

So far, the role and background you selected in the game creation view set the way you generate threat. In order to make the roles more unique each role influences your start position in the galaxy and your equipment. For example, the space pirates starts with a medium laser turret which make him more powerful than the merchant and battles are faster. However, the merchant starts with several thousands credits and at a space station! Your starting gear also depends on your character's background. While the engineer starts with a mining laser turret and some junk in the cargo hold, the pilot starts with additional energy crystals giving you a longer range.

All bonuses are shown as tool-tips in the game creation view. This way, you can easily decide what role and background fits best to your play style.

Character voices

All characters got individual voices. Whenever you select a character or assign any command to them, they will acknowledge it! In addition, a narrator will inform you about important things like destroyed pieces of equipment.

Damage indicators

Any damage dealt to your spaceship will be visualized by warning signs above damaged pieces of equipment. This way, you can easily spot damaged or even disabled objects.

Further improvements

Every time you enter a solar system a new event is started. So far, it could happen that the same event is triggered multiple times in a row. This won't happen again. Now, the last three events are unique.

Rewards are displayed longer so you can see more clearly what you achieved.

When dragging the camera, the navigation is now inverted.

Bug Fixes

  • When dragging the camera during a space battle it could happen that the camera angle changed.
  • Removed a glitch that enabled players to fire weapon turrets while the game is paused.
  • It is no longer possible to travel to another system while the game is paused.
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