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Dunland isn't the only thing in Patch 0.15. Lorien gets some attention as well. Coming: 2nd January 2014

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Lorien first introduced with Beta 0.1 is nearing completion with some recent changes.

First thing is a new version of the Defence Talans for Castles (seen above) these are taller than regular ones.

Edhellor has undergone some changes.
Edhellor is now a Warden type hero able to use either Spear or Javelins in combat.'
Shatter Armour now has a sister skill for when Edhellor is using Javelins called Shield Piercer.
It's a ranged version of Shatter Armour which also shares a timer with it.
Replacing Gate Breaker is the new passive upgrade skill Siege Breaker it doubles Edhellor's damage against structures and machines.

Galadriel gets a bit of an upgrade as well.
Replacing the faulty Haven of Light is a new passive upgrade skill Nenya Unleashed.
This new skill gives Galadriel a knockback attack and increases her spell damage and health giving her a needed offensive power.

Various other balance changes have been made to Lorien like the Caras Galadhon Watchmen and Guardians becoming a bit stronger, the Amroth Vanguards getting a horde downsize to 5 units but a power upgrade to compensate.
March Wardens are now a bit tougher so they can't be picked off quite as easily.

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I see a lotro reference at those talans.

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YEAH!!! Finnaly what I was waiting for Dunland and improvements in Lorien faction! NICE!!! :D

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