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Despite some set backs Patch 0.14 nears completion. A run down of some of the recent events and plans for upcoming releases.

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The Road to Patch 0.14

Patch 0.14 is close and is about to go into Access Beta testing to catch any major bugs before release.

By popular demand I'll be working on an installation tutorial video that should be ready in time for Patch 0.14

Patch 0.14 will be another "roll over" patch so it will replace all patches from 0.11 on.

An updated launcher will resolve an issue with T3A Online and will allow you to run LWR without having to uninstall or move around BFME Patch 1.05's files.

Patch 0.14 will get another map added to the 3 planned Withered Heath Winter.
A snow covered reworking of the Withered Heath map.
This will be released along with the other 3 maps Ice Tournament, Rhun Plains and Northern Rhudaur.

The first stage of the new Faction Upgrade system is also being released with Patch 0.14.
This new system will allow you to further upgrade your army in late game by unlocking heroes, upgrading heroes, unlocking new late game units, upgrading your defences or economy upgrades.
Each faction will get a standard set of Faction Upgrades and a few special ones.
Standard ones include the Great Keep Upgrade which improves your citadels and Murder Holes which improves your towers.
Faction based ones are like Isengard's Excavation upgrades which have been moved to the new system, the Soldiers of Lugburz for Mordor a new late game elite infantry unit or hero upgrades for Lorien, Rohan and Gondor heroes.

Post Patch 0.14

There will be a Patch 0.145 sometime shortly after 0.14 this patch will be mostly focused on balance changes so it's important for you guys to report any issues you see.
Check the links below for more information.

Coming soon Lugmog will be getting 2 new skills to finally flesh him out.
Level 5 - Orc Swarm - Lugmog is guarded by a swarm of Orcs (10 in total)Level 7 - Lugmog can now attack, his attack is slow but spawns more Orcs.

Patch 0.15 will most likely come with the Dunland faction rounding out the faction list to 6 (3 good, 3 evil).
Patch 0.15 is also planned to have many new maps added (I have at least 7 in the making at the moment).

The second round of the Faction Upgrade system will implement the Bolster Army and Keep Defence upgrades.
Bolster Army increases your CPL just like expanding or purchasing a "king hero".
Keep Defence will unlock a special Citadel power.

More stuff is coming so make sure to keep an eye out on the forums and the Facebook page.

Balance suggestions.

Bugs can be reported here

If you see an issue or have a balance suggestion please be sure to post so I can address it.
The majority of bug testing is done by me in test mode so it's easy for me to miss things.


where can I find the files to install it?

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Radspakr Author

0.14 isn't out yet, at the moment 0.135a is out and that can be found here at moddb.

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