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Life story about wonderful things from my childhood.

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Party from my past.

I want to tell you about the time when we still lived in that very bright past, in which there was no place for harsh problems, there were no suffering and dark events. That time will remain forever for me - the best that has ever been in my life. Forever this time will go down in the history of my life. Then everything was different. At that time the sun was still shining brightly above all of us.

Earlier in the distant childhood, Christmas and New Year were not just days off for me, but something so bright and big in life. Now I remember the time when I was very small. In the 20th of December we always dressed a Christmas tree. At what the initiator of this lesson was myself. Grandparents lived next to their parents' apartment. We could walk to each other at least every day. So we were lucky. We always dressed up a Christmas tree in two apartments. I was the first with great joy ran to my grandmother and grandfather to the apartment, in order to indulge in this unforgettable occupation. The very process of the so-called "dressing up" of a green beauty seemed to me something more and more meaningful in life. I with great joy rushed over Christmas tree toys, carried garlands and scenery around the apartment. Most of all I always paid attention to the melodic Santa Clauses. These little musical toys were something extraordinarily valuable for me. I remember how I had two. One Santa Claus wore a red robe and at the touch of a button, he published American Christmas melodies. My God, I still remember their sound. And the second one was thicker and already resembled our Russian Santa Claus, and by clicking on the button, he played other melodies of the New Year's theme.

Not only the musical Santa Clauses I adored most, but also to change my grandfather. My grandfather was still at the very peak of my life. He himself liked this business - dressing up as Santa Claus. For this, I bought a whole package of forms of this fairy-tale character, as well as sets of hoods and beards. Grandpa liked not only to dress up, but even somehow played this role, like some kind of actor.

At festivals and events during the Christmas period, we always read some New Year's verses and sang songs. Grandfather loved to sing in English. It seems I can still hear his voice singing these words.

- Christmas is coming

The goose is getting fat

Please to put a penny in an old man's hat

Please to put a penny in an old man's hat.

There were not only these words, but others. New Years day will be here and I can hardly wait! Until now, their sound is heard in my head.

Yes, it was a wonderful time in my life. Someone just can not say!

Then we played some skits. On the New Year's holiday parents came to us, and we simply could not help playing something funny. As a rule, my grandfather and I went to my room, changed into different suits, took out toy weapons and went out to the guests. Next, we played something from history or fiction, some miniature. It ended again with cheerful songs and dances.

Then it was so beautiful that every day I want to go faster and faster to my wonderful and wonderful past.

That time still does not go out of my head. Every day I wake up with thoughts of this wonderful and incredibly valuable for me, the past.

Yes, now is not the time. Now everything has become much darker and more gloomy. But the thoughts of that wonderful and unforgettable past, still feed my body. Yes, that time was a real miracle for me. The unity of the family, the atmosphere of light and warmth, and inner peace.

Eh ... How I want to come back ....


sounds like you had a great childhood. And it's nice then you have memories like that :)

Be strong man :)

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BagaturKhan Author

Sometimes I`m thinking about it.

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It is good to think about the good times even if you have bad times.

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Childhood is a fun time

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Those were some very warm (in the cold Russian winter) nights man.
Your descriptions were so vivid, I am almost able to feel what you felt!
Christmas for me.. was not that special.

But that magic CAN come again. In YOUR family, with YOU being the father and grandfather, later. Alex, you are too young to be disappointed about your present, compared to your childhood.
I know a GREAT many guys that feel very confident about their present path - but I predict otherwise. None is able to know how things will turn out.
You are a fighter, so I trust in your future achievements!

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