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Below is the first of two planned updates on Part 2 for April, 2011.

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Greetings and welcome to the first of my two planned updates for the month of April. I am sure many of you are curious as to whats changed since the "official" reveal earlier last month, and that is what I'm here for today.

Part 2 is still under heavy development by me and the team. The most recent progress that has been made is finalizing the intro sequence, the unfinished version currently is in the media section. We also ironed out the first scene, Rainy House, with a bunch of random scares and some throwbacks to the first version to orientate the player. Jason is hard at work polishing up his ambient trackview sequences too, and has made some spectacular progress, like shudders blowing in the wind, storm effects, etc.

After the rainy house comes two back to back winter flashback scenes. The first of which was optional in Part 1, but it has been finalized and made "clear" in Part 2 as a mandatory scene. The second of which is a surprise and is quite immersive.

After this we are now currently extensively on the swamp sequence. This will feature a canoe drifting cutscene, a survival puzzle sequence, and also ambient horror in the massive and overgrown swamp. Its really creepy and just great to play. Right now Jason and I are developing here the heaviest, and most likely will be for ten days time.

So we're quite busy. My artist is designing two concept pieces at the same time, and my composers are both hard at work comissioning new tracks for me any time this week. All of us are fully dedicated and comitted to trying to make one of the most immersive, polished horror/mystery experiences in modding.


So right now we have two flashbacks, three cutscenes, and two major scenes completed. Not too bad in two months of development time. Right now we're looking at around two hours total play time as a goal and it is highly possible that there might be a Part 3 in order to cut down development time but I have not gotten there yet nor do I want to think about it. I will know in late May whether a Part 3 will be needed or now to come full circle with the story, or if we can pull off the entire thing before June 1st.

I can't wait to get Part 2 out to you guys so you can see what Worry of Newport really stands for, and what makes the project so unique. I hope you guys are excited as I am for June, when it'll be released to the public!

Tell your friends about us and don't forget to share your thoughts by posting a review of Part 1!

Hard Facts

  • Part 2 is going to have eight major gameplay scenes, six cutscenes, four major flashbacks, for a total of two hours length. It will have six optional gameplay areas to discover, two optional cutscenes, and *no* optional flashbacks.
  • There will be over 100 pages of readable material in game, as well as over 60 voice over lines.
  • Fifteen songs are planned between two composers for a more complete and rich soundtrack
  • Will feature over 10 original loading screen art sequences unfolding the side story from part 1.
  • June 1st, 2011 is the planned release date for Part 2.
  • A bug free, retail-level polished experience is the goal between all developers.

2 hours of gameplay? That's good to hear.
I'm working for 3 months and I get to make 20 minutes of gameplay :P
Well, I guess I need to play Part 1 over and over until June.

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C-zom Author

Yeah, the team is shooting for a decent playtime for Part 2, rather than having a brief-but-polished experience like the first. Considering development has to end on June 1st, some content *might* be cut, but right now there are no plans or talks of it. For reference Part 1 was like, 35-45 minutes long.

And your Amnesia mod looks interesting. Keep up the good work on it man. If you need any tips/pointers on horror modding, you know who to PM. ;)

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