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An expected but still milestone announcement: Part 1 Old is gone for good.

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After a lengthy and involving development cycle and a harrowing journey from knowing nothing to releasing a full mod, Part 1 (Old) has been laid to rest for good. This mod, compared to the remake, is incomplete, buggy, laggy, crash prone, riddled with holes and lack of polish and is no longer supported.

Because of Part 1's initial landing being less than stellar, because feedback and support of it died, and because it still had SO many bugs, it's gone now, being pulled from Crymod, StrategyInformer, Moddb and other sites. Only the remake will remain in it's place.

Below are the quick facts before it's retirement, to use as a landmark and testament for future mods:

  • 7.5 aggregated rating before Remake was released

But Part 1 is still my very first mod, very first landmark into the genre I so desperately love, and my first attempt to relay my style of writing and horror to the gaming community. I devised the idea in early August when I picked up modding again for Crysis. That idea birthed into a full fledged story and mod, and soon I picked up a composer, voice actor, and tremendously tiny cult following. After four months of harrowing development (A post mortem of this is linked to below), I released it on November, 2010. Part 1's first landing, however, would prove to be way less than stellar.

Initial reviews thought of Newport as being less than good. A good premise, a very good atmosphere, but nothing more. Game breaking bugs, glitches, crashes, an overall lag due to no optimization and a very dark and unlit atmosphere threw off many players. The entire thing to the community wasn't complete. It's assets were praised by all, even those who hated it, but the general consensus on Part 1 Old was that it needed to be completely patched and polished to be an acceptable release.

The Future

As you all know now, Part 1 has been remade with countless fixes and improvements. Feedback, however, has been next to nonexistent and harrowingly worrying for my morale. ALL feedback I have gotten was above good, however, with everyone praising the polished quality of the new version. However I can count these reviews on one hand, literally, with all coming from an obscure gamefaqs topic and only one from moddb itself.

So I'd say the future of Newport depends on what happens with the release of Part 2 which will be done in mid to late April. I will not stop development on that for anything, but if that one is met by a neutral or unresponsive crowd, I'm not sure what I'd do. If it were a perfect world, I'd really like to see more horror fans and mystery fans playing my mod, but as Crysis is an obscure game to mod like this for, I know what I've gotten into. It comes with the territory.

Rest assured that, in closing, I promise no more releases like the original Part 1's horrible November landing. If the Remake is any quality guarantee, anything from here on out for Crysis will be of utmost polish and will be patched until not a bug is left.


There is no need for critics, the mod is great, the atmosphere, the story line, the voice acting, etc.

I would only give feed back if there was a bug I found (and told you about the stairs and weather bugs that you help me fix ;)).

Just keep it up. I only have 2 requests, increase the movement speed and let me shoot at something in Part 2 xD

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I havn't had time to play the remake of part 1 yet, but I am looking forward to trying part 1 without all of the bugs.

Even with its bugs the original part 1 was interesting and unique, I am sure that the remake will be really incredible.

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