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Update 018 Topics: See in the dark, Pack Hunting, Fence Fun. Bonus: Experimental Terrain Generator.

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Parkasaurus Update #018 : The Pursuit of Raptorness

Parkasaurus is humming right along. We’re feeling pretty happy with our complete re-do of the starting tutorial, and now are focusing on gameplay after 7+ days of park time. This includes income balancing which is a pretty big challenge at the moment, with only two of us it can be hard to get in a 2-hour game session. 😊 But! Have no fear, we know soon the community will be helping us out (hopefully) with balance, and providing great suggestions on what needs to change. We’ve already had some pretty cool suggestions on our Discord and Roadmap (all links below)

Update 018 Topics

  • See in the dark
  • Pack Hunting
  • Fence Fun
  • Bonus: Experimental Terrain Generator

See in the dark

We added in some more interesting streetlights to give the player some more options when designing their park at night. My favorite is the string lights that attached from tall scenery objects in your park to other tall objects. This meant having to go through all our park build-ables and add the appropriate collisions which is a time-consuming process…but well worth it; I think. (I better of thought that since I had to do it)

Pack Hunting

In order to push our dino behavior a little farther, Velociraptors pack hunt when trying to attack a large dino in their exhibit. They intentionally try to walk through the tall grass before the attack (any dino in tall grass gets a reduction to their view-ability from a guest or other dinos. It might be fun for them to pack hunt guests also, perhaps I’ll try that next.

Fence Fun

Whipping up a bare-bones exhibit to test our new range of fence materials including an overhaul on icons, values, and imagery. Fence materials affect the viewability of the exhibit from the viewpoint of the guests, and perhaps, more importantly, the strength of the fence. A stronger fence means less repair work for your janitors or allows you to keep in some pretty scary best dino friends.

Closer view of various fence materials:

Bonus: Experimental Terrain Generator

I’m still entertaining the idea of how and if we’ll include the random terrain generation on day one of Early Access. Either way, I’d love to get it into player hands and see what cool pics they can come up with.

Parkasaurus only happens because of your help

The two of us are trying our hardest to get the Parkasaurus word out to the interwebz, and we see all of you helping out! Keep it up! Pass on the word! Tell your neighbour to Wishlist us, get your sister to follow us on Twitter or get your co-worker to post about us on reddit or your school forums. Being a Parkasaurus Advocate is such a big help to us. Thanks. xoxo

Here are a few ways to follow us:

Disclaimer: Any crazy features we write about might change by the Early Access version

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