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Update 017 Topics Setting Sun Kids will be Kids Giant Snuggles Bonus: Follow mom

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Parkasaurus Update #017 : BETA v0.1

Don’t ask me how but we hit our Beta v0.1 milestone and that means one large step closer to an Early Access candidate. We get asked about release date a lot – and we are hoping to hit the end of the summer – but we’re not going to put out Parkasaurus if it just isn’t ready. While we’re sure you all will be understanding as we begin Early Access together – early supporters still deserve our best foot forward. We’re getting closer so be sure to pass on the word to Wishlist (it helps so much!!!)!

Update 017 Topics

  • Setting Sun
  • Kids will be Kids
  • Giant Snuggles
  • Bonus: Follow mom

Setting Sun

With the newly updated free cam mode our newly introduced sun movement makes for some pretty amazing screenshots. In addition, we’ve been playing with random terrain generation. I’m not sure if we’ll be including this initially in Early Access but might leave it as an option. There is a lot more supporting work that is needed to make random terrain generation function properly. (It is a ton of fun though)

Setting sun

Kids will be Kids

Dino behavior and emergence! Excuse the bumpy camera (shakes when dinos run by) in this little clip of us catching some baby Kentrosaurus chasing their parents. It is fun to see all our freaking work start to pay off.


Giant Snuggles

We did a major second pass on dinosaur A.I. which included aggression and affection behavior. Sometimes at night, it seems the apatosaurus enjoy a little neck snuggle before falling asleep. Also check out that night sky!

Giant Snuggles

Bonus: Follow mom

Just a few baby Ankies chasing after mom. We can’t get enough of this. Why so many baby chasing mom pictures? Because pictures of us fixing a bug isn’t that exciting. 😊

Baby Ankies following mom

UI Updates

We also did UI updates for our office spreadsheet and the portal room.

IDB 01

IDB 02

Parkasaurus happens because of your help.

The two of us are trying our hardest to get the Parkasaurus word out to the interwebz, and we see all of you helping out! Keep it up! Tell your neighbor to Wishlist us, get your boyfriend to follow us on Twitter or get your boss to post about us on reddit or your company forums. This is all such a big help to us. Thanks. xoxo

Here are a few ways to follow us:




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Disclaimer: Any crazy features we write about might change by the Early Access version

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