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Update 009 Topics: *Party Hats *What type of manager are you? *Privacy is Happy – but for who *Somebody has to clean it up…

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Hi there Parkasaurus Warriors! The next update has arrived. The game is tightening up; a few big features (that are hilarious to see in game) and more graphics updates. At Washbear we hope to be as transparent as possible, and want to let you know that we’re trying very hard to get you an Early Access date update. Thanks for understanding! Parkasaurus Update #009 : Party Hats

Alpha Version 3 current milestone…what is closer than close?

A very large update to the Parkasaurus privacy mechanic has been implemented over the last week. Now there are more options for deciding how to design your exhibit. As always the focus is on your dino best friends so a few more dino accessories were made thanks to our Discord vote. Oh, and of course more food refilling options and dino poop!

Update 009 Topics

  • Party Hats
  • What type of manager are you?
  • Privacy is Happy – but for who
  • Somebody has to clean it up…

Party Hats

Are accessories for your dino best friends the most important feature we should be working on? The answer is DEFINITELY YES. Our Discord channel recently voted on what dino accessories they wanted to see more in Parkasaurus, and recent winners were Unicorn Hat (+2 enrichment), Cone of Shame (+1 health) and Hotdog Hat (+1 bonus to eating). Earn those science points to be sure you too can have a full assortment of accessories.

Party Time

What type of manager are you?

Your dino best friends are going to be really hungry, and we mean HUNGRY. Keeping your feeders refilled is a demanding task in Parkasaurus. The question is do you refill the feeders yourself by items from you inventory bag, or do you have your veterinarians do the work? Or a combination of both? Choices choices.


Privacy is Happy – but for who

Your privacy heatmap allows fine tuning of your dino exhibits to be a balance between what is best for your dinos, and what keeps your guests paying money! Obviously your dino best friends are paramount – so be sure to use tall grass, wisely shape your exhibits, and mindfully place your guest paths along the fences in such a way as to maintain a decent amount of privacy.


Somebody has to clean it up…

Sadly our dinosaurs lost the ability to poop – but luckily that was fixed! Part of raising your baby dinos into full adulthood is ensuring their exhibits are clean. Be sure to hire a veterinarian and a janitor to help out.


Parkasaurus Warriors!

The two of us are trying our hardest to get the Parkasaurus word out to the world, and we see all of you helping out! Keep it up! Tell your neighbour to Wishlist us, get your boyfriend to follow us on Twitter or get your boss to post about us on reddit or your company forums. Being a Parkasaurus Warrior is such a big help to us. Thanks. xoxo

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Disclaimer: Any crazy features we write about might change by the Early Access version

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