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Update 008 Topics *They grow up so fast *Do you take your steak rare or…alive? *The Size of our family is never too big : Welcome Seismosaurus *More upgrade sets! Science-awayyy

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Hello our fantastic Parkasaurus Warriors™! I’m happy to share with you our next update. We are getting closer and closer to getting the game available – and it is becoming more important than ever to get the word out. The two of us are going to need all of you. Parkasaurus Update #008 : Our Parkasaurus Family

Alpha Version 3 current milestone…so close

Are you tired of hearing about the Parkasaurus core loop? I know I am! But the truth is we’re still working very hard on that. In addition though, we finished a ton of other tasks such as: added a few new dinos to the Parkasaurus family, doing the first pass on dino AI, and growing dino babies to adulthood.

Update 008 Topics

  • They grow up so fast
  • Do you take your steak rare or…alive?
  • The Size of our family is never too big : Welcome Seismosaurus
  • More upgrade sets! Science-awayyy

They grow up so fast

We had recently created baby dinos – so the next task was to have them grow into adults. This also meant new baby models – they are similar to their parents, but slightly different: maybe they don’t have their full color scheme, or all their features have yet to grown in. The other big challenge was getting our save system to work with dinos that now could be a range of sizes. This was difficult to implement, but worth it, and darn cute.


Do you eat your steak rare or…alive?

Observing and figuring out what your dino best friends are thinking is a fun part of Parkasaurus. Each species has their own dino thoughts and inclinations, even individual dinos have slightly different personalities. Is your Stegosaurus extra shy? Well you might need to develop an exhibit with more privacy.


The Size of our family is never too big : Welcome Seismosaurus

Seismosaurus is the Discord winner of what Sauropod gets included in the game. I think we’re slowly arriving at the list for what dino best friends will be available for Early Access.


More upgrade sets! Science-awayyy

Somehow we’re also finding time to make more building upgrade sets. Most upgrades are unlocked in the Science Technology Tree or the Heart Technology Tree. Upgraded buildings provide various bonuses – for example each Science Building upgrade provides an additional spot for a research Scientist. Note: The last science building in the gif is getting updated (great feedback from reddit friends)


Parkasaurus Warriors!

The two of us are trying our hardest to get the Parkasaurus word out to the interwebz, and we see all of you helping out! Keep it up! Tell your neighbour to Wishlist us, get your boyfriend to follow us on Twitter or get your boss to post about us on reddit or your company forums. Being a Parkasaurus Warrior is such a big help to us. Thanks. xoxo

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Disclaimer: Any crazy features we write about might change by the Early Access version

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