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Since the first half of the 21st century, the entire world has been in an extremely unstable state.

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Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the international communist movement has fallen into a low ebb. Western capitalist countries headed by the United States have rushed across the world.

When the United States and the Western world thought they were invincible, a new power is rising.

The sudden rise of emerging market countries represented by Russia caught the Western world by surprise. The rapid rise of Russia, India, and Iran disrupted the Western world's timetable.

From the Paris Commune in 1871 to the October Revolution of 1917, neither the Paris Commune nor the Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union were able to form such a huge market and such a strong economic power. Even in the Soviet Union, its GDP is not so high.

The other is Russia. Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia has experienced great social turmoil and economic chaos. It was not until Putin came to power that Russia's economy began to slowly recover. With the foundation laid during the Soviet era, Russia's economy also began to slowly recover.

Of course, there is also India. Since its independence, India has joined capitalist globalization and greatly developed its economy. The Indian model is well-known throughout the world.

The other is Iran. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, after a brief Iran-Iraq War, Iran’s economic strength quickly recovered, which is very rare in the entire Middle East.

So how does the Western world view these countries?

The Western world has adopted different policies for these countries. For India, the Western world has adopted a policy of wooing and buying, incorporating India into the United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy and becoming an important military and economic ally of the United States in South Asia.

For Russia, the Western world first adopted a policy of wooing and buying, but after Putin came to power, he clarified the direction of Russian nationalism and refused the entry of Western capital into Russia, which triggered a conflict between the West and Russia. So Western countries changed their tactics and adopted a hostile and sanction policy against Russia.

In fact, democracy is not the only criterion for whether the Western world is hostile to it. A typical example is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a feudal autocratic country, and its autocratic characteristics are even more autocratic than those countries in the world that have been turned into totalitarian countries. But this does not prevent the United States and the Western world from cooperating closely with Saudi Arabia.

The main issue is interest. Whether Russia or Iran, the interests of these countries and the Western world are not consistent, and Western capital cannot enter these countries.

Moreover, Iran is still an Islamic country, and it opposes US control and coercion of Iran.

In this case, the United States naturally regards Russia, Iran and other countries as political opponents, so it is foreseeable to start a new cold war with these countries.

But are all things that capitalism brings to the world beneficial?

Since entering the 21st century, from 2000 to the present (2021), the world has gone through 21 years, but is the whole world more peaceful? Obviously not, because of ideological opposition, the entire world is at great risk of confrontation.

Social problems and social conflicts have not only not decreased, but have intensified. The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing, and people are more and more dissatisfied with society.

Globally, dissatisfaction with the current system has also increased, extreme ideas have begun to overflow, and fascist ideas have begun to rise. This is definitely not a good thing for the world.

Fascism and extreme nationalism are accelerating the spread of the world, and racism is also on the rise. The “political correctness” and “Cancel Culture” that were originally intended to curb racism are under more and more attacks. Obviously, racism is likely to be Become the mainstream thought again.

The BLM movement itself is also to curb racism, but the BLM movement has crossed the red line of equality for all, thus turning itself into a racist activity.

Some people once again advocated racism and white supremacy under the banner of opposing the BLM movement.

In short, the world is either leaning against white supremacy and racism, or racism from other ethnic groups. No matter what kind of movement, it will not promote the reconciliation of the entire society, but it will intensify the social tearing.

And the tearing of society will only create a breeding ground for extreme ideas and extreme nationalism.

Therefore, this world is definitely not “the situation is very good” as some people say. Instead, this world is perilous. A small spark or a small event is very likely to detonate the world’s gunpowder keg.

What's even more funny is that some political figures in modern society often like to use "communism" or "leftists" to label some other hostile political forces in order to attack their opponents. Western mainstream media that has always been anti-communist, such as CNN and the New York Times, have been labeled as "left-wing media" or "communist media," which is really ridiculous.

We can see that in the years when the communist movement has fallen into a low ebb, the whole world has gone completely crazy. They have no idea about communism at all and then attacked others as "communism."

It is difficult to say what kind of blow this will have to communism, because communism has almost no ability to compete with capitalism.

This can be called the "The Crazy Era".

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