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This article mainly focuses on the current global situation and the reference significance of the Paris Commune to the communists.

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In 1871, the people of Paris carried out an unprecedented revolutionary feat. They carried out a revolution in Paris, France, the heart of the capitalist world, and established the first proletarian-led regime.

Although this revolution only lasted two short months, it brought far more to the world. In "The French Civil War", Marx talked about the important role played by the working class in this revolution. We can say that the Paris Commune provided a model for the future communist revolution.

In 1917, the Bolsheviks headed by Lenin held a revolution in St. Petersburg, eventually overthrowing the provisional government of the bourgeoisie and establishing a revolutionary regime, namely Soviet Russia.

The revolution of 1917 created a brand-new system model, that is, the Soviet system. The Soviet is the transliteration of the "Congress of Workers and Soldiers," which means that the new Soviet regime is a revolutionary regime representing the broad working class.

The victory of the October Revolution not only created the Soviet system, but also gave birth to the world's first socialist country, which is the first time in human history.

Of course, Western countries have never stopped attacking and slandering Soviet Russia and the Soviet system. They used all propaganda machines to create rumors, lies, and attack and smear the Soviet system. It is true that the Soviet system is indeed an imperfect system. The socialist system is still in the exploratory stage. An effective socialist system cannot be born and maintained so easily.

In 1991, the Soviet Union disintegrated under the double blow of Western countries’ external attacks and internal traitors’ betrayal, and a socialist country collapsed. This was a heavy blow to the international communist movement.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the impact was disastrous. Many Communists have left the party one after another, and the theory of communism has been questioned. Even those who remain in communism can't help but begin to doubt the correctness of theories of communism and Marxism.

However, the communists did not sink into this situation. Although the capitalist countries took a lot of rumors and smears and attacked communism and Marxist theories, many communists still adhere to the communist theories and fight against the capitalist countries.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union can only prove the imperfection of the Soviet-style socialist system, but cannot prove that the theory of communism is wrong. This shows that we Communists still need more theory and practice on the path of exploring the socialist system.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, it also had an impact on the world situation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States became the only superpower, and other single countries could no longer restrict the United States’ global expansion and hegemony.

There is no doubt that the United States may be able to achieve a kind of leadership over the world in the short term.

This means opportunities and challenges for communism.

The U.S. becoming the world's only superpower is undoubtedly the greatest challenge to communism, which will also have an impact and setbacks on the international communist movement.

But at the same time, USA's leadership over the world will accelerate the globalization process of the entire world and the disintegration of nation-states. This is a good thing for the cause of communism, because communism also requires the disintegration of nation-states and the world’s globalization.

In terms of disintegrating the nation-state, the goals of communism and global capitalism are the same, but the difference lies in the leadership class. There is essentially no difference.

Therefore, I think communists can use the wave of globalization to accelerate the integration of the entire communist world, unite the global communist parties, and finally form a global communist party. Then it is to launch a global revolution and have a final overall contest with capitalist countries such as the United States.

But even if the U.S. can win the final contest, it doesn’t matter. By that time, the days left to mankind by history are running out. Climate changes and the aggravation of environmental problems will eventually lead to the end of human civilization, which is historical end. THE END.


In short, globalization will be the key word of the future world

The struggle against capitalism is long-term and arduous. The Communists will not give up, and the Communists will continue the struggle until the full victory of communism on the earth.

Communism Era has ended. Modern Society don't need Communism anymore.

Vive la Commune

For the Internationalism!

For the globalization!

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