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This article will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune

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An earth-shattering event happened in the French capital Paris 150 years ago, the people of Paris used force to overthrow the traitorous government of Thiers, and then established the Paris Commune, starting a glorious revolutionary journey.

Act 1: The Defeated

Things started from the Franco-Prussian War. Napoleon III's Third French Empire was defeated by the Prussian army in the Franco-Prussian War. Napoleon III himself became a prisoner of the Kingdom of Prussia. Later, the Prussian Kingdom that captured Napoleon III's kingdom was in the French city of Versailles. Announcing the establishment of the German Empire, also known as the Second German Empire.

In other words, France was defeated.

Act 2: The Thiers

Later, a cunning politician named Thiers established a so-called defense government and signed a traitorous treaty with the German Empire. German aggressors approaching the French capital Paris.

Some capitalists and traitors in Paris rejoiced with the arrival of the German army. They were ready to welcome the German invaders and then continue their shameful business.

But not all people are traitors. The patriotic citizens and working class in Paris opposed the German invaders. They built positions in the Montreal Heights and prepared to fight against the German invaders.

However, the Paris military and police forces obeyed the orders of the traitorous government of Thiers to dismantle the cannons of the National Guard, which eventually triggered resistance from the patriotic citizens and the working class.

The National Guard, dominated by citizens and workers, soon occupied Paris, and then a brand new state-Paris Commune was established.

The Cry of the People: The Commune in Image [Le cri du peuple: la commune  en image] | MR Online

Act 3: The Paris Commune

The Paris Commune abolished a series of reactionary policies of the bourgeois traitorous government and implemented new policies to protect the working class.

While the Paris Commune was flourishing, the traitorous government of Thiers far away in Versailles could not tolerate the existence of the Paris Commune, so it did not hesitate to sign another agreement with the German aggressors in preparation to stifle the revolution.

With the help of the German aggressors, the reactionary army of the traitorous government of Thiers began a frantic attack on the Paris Commune.

The revolutionaries of the Paris Commune rose up against the reactionary army of the traitorous Thiers government. However, due to the great difference in strength, the new revolutionary regime was destroyed by the reactionary army of the traitorous Thiers government.

Although the revolution of the Paris Commune failed, the splendor of the revolution has not disappeared. The October Revolution of 1917 achieved a decisive victory, and a new regime was born in the world.

The Paris Commune was the first great practice of the proletariat and the communist revolution. Although it failed, it brought us many valuable experiences and lessons, which are worthy of our consideration.

Some people may say, why do you say Thiers is a traitorous government? Don’t you Communists also promote internationalism and global government?

We international Communists never think that betraying nationalism is an act of traitorousness, but that betraying the interests of the people is a real act of treason.

tardi massacre de la commune

What is happening now?

And now, globalization is unfolding in full swing, and a global government in the future is not unimaginable. In other words, the union of the world is inevitable. The key to the problem lies in whether we Communists can guide this wave of globalization and internationalization into a broad road to communism.

One thing you must understand is that even if international communism cannot be realized, as far as capitalism is concerned, the integration of globalization is inevitable.

Written at the end

Although racism and extreme ideas are rampant in the world today, I still firmly believe that keeping open and inclusive is the mainstream of the world.

Throughout the thousands of years of human history, we humans have fought countless times for world peace and world development. Although the process is very tortuous, the final result is still satisfactory. It is precisely because of our human beings' continuous efforts that the world can steadily advance on the path of peace, development, and openness.

Now the whole world is advancing on the broad road towards global integration, and a global government and a new global order are shining on the horizon line.

Nationalism has been OUTDATED, Internationalism is the trend!

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