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Thank you all for great support, I'm proud to announce that I finally got the new version of Kolhoz wave defence released. New added features and many fixed bugs and balance improvements! I invite all men of war fans to join the battle! Also if you still don't own the game, in steam there is discount right now, only 4.99€ for a limited time.

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Few months ago I published the first update to this mod in 10 years. Many people were happy about how it turned out and I have been working with new improvements based on the comments I got from the last release. I released new update with the following changes to previous version.

[New things!]

- Added elite sniper soldier to player, take good care of him as he is only one in squad who
can use sniper rifle properly.
-If you use mines, enemy will try to clear them with mine detectors and vehicles.
- Germans have now paratroopers with special training. Be careful if you see enemy plane in the sky.
- King Tiger is added to enemy troops, it will come in at wave 12 and possibly after that, if you survive that far!


- Adjusted the cost of plane supplies and infantry reinforcements to make gameplay more balanced.
- Wave counter now works after every wave.
- Enemy will no longer rush to middle of the village with vehicles, they take more supportive role now.
- Improved medic script.
- If you kill most of the attacking wave and break the morale, remaining enemy soldiers will flee.
- Various other scripts and bug fixes.

For download and instructions and more screenshots and gameplay footage, use the following link:

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